A Taurus Season Meditation to Steady Wobbly Feelings

This zodiac-inspired Taurus season meditation can help you steady your wobbly feelings.

The sign of the Bull is also the persistent provider and the zodiac’s first earth sign. This Taurus season meditation is for any zodiac sign.

During this solar cycle, we may feel tempted to overindulge in many areas of our life, which feels like a luxury in the age of the coronavirus.

More importantly, this guided meditation can help keep us steady when we feel wobbly. It can also help us get “unstuck” in the security related aspects of our lives, namely finance and our relationship with money (Taurus rules the second house).

Relax, Relate with this Taurus Season Meditation

This Taurus season meditation is about 12 minutes in length. Guided by Boundary Boss author Terri Cole. To begin:

  • Find a quiet, private nook or set up a space that feels sacred to you, indoors or out.
  • Optional: rub a calming essential oil onto your temples or palms, light a scented candle or plug in an aromatherapy diffuser. Energizing oils good for Taurus season are lavender or eucalyptus.
  • You may want to keep a journal close to record any inspirations that arise during your meditation.
  • Then, simply press play, and enter the “Zen Den” with Terri.
  • Allow her soothing voice and words of wisdom to ground you in stillness.
  • (Later: Feel ready for any challenge!)

Photo by Andrey Pavlov via Stocksy

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