Taurus Style Horoscope

Classy Taurus style is the picture of style and sophistication.

Does Taurus have good style?

Ruled by tasteful, beauty-conscious Venus, you think of your clothes as investments and may have an impressive collection of classic designer pieces hanging in your carefully curated closet.

Although you’re willing to spend a pretty penny, you have your frugal moments too. Those cheap, synthetic fabrics won’t last long among your racks of cashmere, wool, and silk. Use your thrifty instincts to treasure-hunt at sample sales, consignment shops and designer outlets. You love to shop in tasteful, one-of-a-kind boutiques.

How does Taurus dress?

Taurus rules the neck and throat, so accent yours with turtlenecks, shirts with unique collars, statement necklaces, scarves or a shoulder-skimming haircut. Your tendency toward black and white thinking may extend to your wardrobe choices as you load up on contrasting staples. Accent with rich, earthy hues: plum, teal, olive, chocolate brown and pumpkin orange.

You’re business-oriented so you’ll need to have a few powersuits in rotation. Stock up on wool and linen pants and skirts in various lengths. Pair designer denim and pair with colorful loafers or pull a blazer over a dress. Tennis whites and polo shirts may live among your summer go-to’s.

On fiercer days, borrowed-from-biker looks are suit your tough side. Invest in a moto jacket and boots with buckles and intricate straps and studs. Learn how to do a smoky eye and experiment with darker shades of lipstick like plum and crimson. Deeper tones of red—the color that makes a Bull charge—is one of your favorite hues to accessorize with, from your oversized tote to the soles of your Louboutins.

What should Taurus wear?

Taurus style profile

What colors should Taurus wear?

Black, white, chocolate brown, merlot, forest green

Taurus body focus areas

Neck, throat

Fabrics for Taurus


Taurus style best looks

Wool and linen suits, turtleneck sweaters, knee-high boots, colorful heels, studded leather accessories, tennis whites

Taurus styles to avoid

Synthetic fabrics, cheap shoes

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