Taurus Travel Horoscope

The luxe loving Taurus travel style is bringing the comforts of home, even when on the road.

Does Taurus like traveling?

Although you’re an earth sign, there’s a metropolitan maven in you, and you’re drawn to luxurious vacations in culturally rich cities. You prefer relaxing accommodations, where you can sleep until noon, order room service and have nothing expected of you. An all-inclusive resort or a five–star hotel is right up your cobblestone alley. You’ll travel to any country to sample the local classics and taste all the haute offerings. 

The music, art or film scene will be tops on your itinerary, so make a budget for tickets, and find out when the “pay what you can” or free days are at all the museums. Or splurge to see a once-in-a-lifetime performance or another VIP experience that you’ll rave about for life.

The perfect Taurus travel destinations

Unlike many, you don’t mind traveling to colder climates. An Alaskan cruise to see the glaciers would dazzle you. You love spa vacations, too. Try an unusual location like Iceland.

If you do travel to the countryside, you’ll still want to follow a loose schedule with very little pressure or demand. As a beauty–loving sign, a gorgeous natural setting soothes your soul. Rustic but tasteful log cabins, historic farmhouses near fresh local markets and roadside antique dealers, or a mountaintop ski lodge can put you right at ease.

Some Tauruses are willing to get down and dirty and camp out—with comfy pillows and a snug sleeping bag, of course, or a tricked-out van. The best scenario would involve staking out a site, planting yourself there for the next few days, then wandering nearby for a swim or a short nature hike.

Taurus travel astrology tips

You also make a great foreign exchange student—you can stay for at least a semester, follow an easy pace and enjoy the comforts of a family who will feed and care for you. If you’re past your school years, how about a three month apartment swap or long-term Airbnb? That way, you can immerse yourself in a zip code and discover its offerings at your own, sensual pace.


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