Virgo Entertaining Style

Virgo entertaining means attention to detail makes your parties extra special. Pass the swag bags!

Does Virgo like to party?

When it comes to parties, you’re the host with the most! Whether you’re renting a lounge or hall for your gigs—or opening your home—you treat the guests like royalty. Wild bashes aren’t your thing, at least not for long. You prefer an environment of joy, laughter and intimacy. As a modest sign, you’re uncomfortable throwing a party for yourself. However, you’re the first to volunteer your event-planning skills for a baby shower, a friend’s birthday or a holiday soiree.

The Virgo host

Since you’re a meticulous detail head, reserve a good few weeks to prepare. For you, that means lots of lists: guests, shopping, budgets, music, even gift bags. And let’s not forget your intense cleaning routine! You have a vision of exactly how it should be: flowers, little dishes of hors d’oeuvres, a multi-course buffet. And once you get started with the preparations, few people can keep up with your incredible pace! You’re like a tornado that whirls into town and leaves behind a masterpiece.

Virgo thrives in the kitchen, so you’ll want to serve plenty of homebaked fare. You probably have a few signature dishes that will wow your guests. Remember, though, that people are coming to spend time with you! If you’re too consumed with catering duties, they’ll miss your fabulous company. Consider linking up with a team of co-hosts to execute your master plan, and take turns on various duties.

A small warning: you have a habit of overspending to please others. Be the budget gourmet. Make lists in advance of your ideal menu and decor scheme, then, revisit 24 hours later and see where you can simplify without sacrificing your artistic flair. Leave a couple days for rest and recovery afterward. Your sign has a hard time accepting help, so chances are, you’ll have done most of the work by yourself. With the right planning and coordination (your specialty), it will look effortless to the guests, and everyone will leave satisfied.


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