Virgo Friendship

A Virgo friendship means having a helpful and supportive friend. We threw in a gift guide for your Virgo friend, too.

Generous Virgo makes a helpful and supportive friend. They like order and they’ll happily come in and organize other people’s lives. In their own world, however, they prefer to be in total control. They don’t believe in asking for help in return; they get nervous when other people move things around in their living spaces or schedules. A handmade or sentimental gift is a better way to show appreciation to a supportive Virgo friend.

Like deep convos? Make a Virgo friend

Nothing lights up a Virgo friend quite like a deep conversation. They analyze every little detail, and will stay up half the night gossiping or helping friends iron out their issues. They expect results, however, and can be quite critical of people who don’t live up to their standards. The truth is, Virgo tends to give too much and as a result winds up resentful when people don’t immediately return the favor. Learning to speak up for their own needs can help them relax and get the support they need to keep friendships mutually rewarding.

Hanging out with a Virgo friend

Since Virgo can be anxious, they tend to surround themselves with friends who can calm them down. Soothing words won’t do the trick. Virgo needs facts, and those “pro tips” had better be backed up by well-researched statistics. Knowledge ranks high on Virgo’s lists of respectable qualities and they value people who can help them problem-solve. But they’ll only listen with one ear unless they have real-life proof that they have slain those dragons themselves! Experienced friends are the ones they most trust.

While Virgo is willing to make sacrifices for the ones they love, friends should be sensitive enough not to take advantage of their kindness. One too many favors asked can provoke a tirade from tapped-out Virgo. Relaxing is not something this sign knows how to do naturally and friends who are able to put their mind at ease will enjoy the fun-loving and hilarious side of a Virgo friendship.

Gift guide: The perfect presents for a Virgo friend

  • Holistic healing treatments like a massage, acupuncture or an herbal facial
  • Tools and supplies for your DIY crafts
  • Healing crystals or a divination deck for helping with answers
  • Brunch at a raved-about restaurant
  • A 10-class yoga card or private Pilates session
  • Books or an e-reader
  • A cooking lesson from a private class
  • Houseplants or outdoor varieties for their gardens

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