Virgo Health, Fitness and Wellness Horoscope

Virgo health favors routine. Embrace core-based exercises and digestion-enhancing foods.

What does Virgo rule in the body?

Body parts

Abdomen, waist, digestive system


Pancreas, esophagus, intestines, digestive system

Does Virgo like working out?

Virgo health and fitness style

Health-conscious Virgos have a delicate sense of balance. A regular fitness routine is vital for your easily-stressed sign. Ideally, you should work out three days a week minimum and pay attention to your diet. Approach fitness like a spa (to unwind your busy brain) and a lab (for the scientific side of you). Use apps and tracking devices to keep yourself motivated and on your game. As an earth sign, you may find your Virgo health routine takes you outdoors, hiking, kayaking or just long walks in nature.

Feeling in control is important to Virgo, and you’re a stickler for technique. Try a discipline like yoga or martial arts, in a Zenlike setting you love. Bonus if it includes meditation. Virgo rules the abdomen and waist, so Pilates and body sculpting let you wear those cropped shirts you adore. If you prefer the tried-and-true gym workout, be sure your routine includes well-defined goals, since Virgos like to measure everything. Create a six-month plan with checkpoints to mark your growth—physically, mentally and spiritually. You might even join a triathlon or marathon, especially one that benefits a worthy cause.

Aries health habits

Food and eating habits

Since Virgo rules the digestive system, and you may have a sensitive stomach. Eat lots of fiber and foods that keep everything movin’ along. Cut down on processed ingredients that your body can’t easily process for your Virgo health routine. Add whole grains, digestive teas and organic items.

You’re a “nervous nibbler,” so minimize stress—or keep a bag of baby carrots handy instead of sweets. Since you’re good with regimens, be sure to eat meals at approximately the same time every day. Don’t let other people’s drama throw you off schedule. You’re an intuitive cook—you know exactly how much of each ingredient to add to your signature dishes. However, you rarely let anyone help you in the kitchen, so preparing meals can stress you out. Take a brisk walk after eating to unwind and help your digestion.

Keeping the glow

When it comes to staying radiant, don’t shy away from holistic treatments in your Virgo health routine, which your body responds to readily. Acupuncture, Chinese herbs, or a unique body-oriented therapy could pique your interest—both as a patient and a student. You may discover you have a natural gift for holistic health, anatomy or biology studies. Vitamins crowd your cabinets, and you’re always advising your friends on how to recoup from any ailment. The doctor is in!

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