Virgo Money Horoscope

Virgo money management is an organizational exercise. The practical nature of your sign makes you an awesome money manager.

Virgo money management style

You know how to squirrel away your pennies for a fantasy purchase. You’re a natural advice giver, so if you really want to dish out tips, get your accounting degree and get paid for it. We know a Virgo jazz singer who teaches an Accounting for Artists course, training fellow creative types to make budgets fun. Only a Virgo could pull that off!

When you’re in a pinch, you’ve got a lot of pride and aren’t quick to ask for help. Your play-it-safe sign might prefer to toil away at a dead-end job than take a loan. But savvy borrowing (with a sound repayment plan) may be necessary from time to time, in the name of advancing your goals. Of course, you’re the first one to dole out dollars to your cash-strapped friends and family—even when doing so leaves you in a bind. Boundaries are the key. Learn when it’s appropriate to say “no,” and develop the courage to send the moochers elsewhere.

Virgo money habits: Is Virgo good with money?

You tend to be modest, though you’ll splurge on a few high-quality items—as long as you can justify the purchase. Since you like to look like you’ve got it all together, you may blow your budget on clothes, shoes or beauty products and treatments. Fortunately, your savvy instincts always scout out a good sale. Beware of guilt. When you go over budget, you can spend weeks fretting over whether you “deserved” the indulgence. Remember: it’s great to be thrifty, but you only live once. Find a balance between practicality and pleasure.

Favorite splurges for Virgo

Organic food, spa treatments, fancy fitness studio memberships, high-end clothes by eco-fashion labels, cleaning services, fresh towels, fancy serving dishes and tea sets, organizational gadgets or software, gifts for all your friends.

How can Virgo make more money?

Virgo can attract more wealth. As a nervous sign, you worry for the sake of worrying. But this habit has a price. Focusing on what you don’t have can leave you feeling deprived, even desperate, about money. Daily affirmations, positive conversations and even a financial coach can keep you in a prosperous mindset and remind you of your value. Think: abundance!


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