Virgo Style Horoscope

Details, details! Virgo style means nothing escapes this sign’s sharp eye, whether it’s a perfectly placed accessory, master tailoring or a loose thread!

Does Virgo have good style?

You have a complex preparation ritual and you hate to be rushed. Give yourself ample time, whether you’re blowing out your hair, applying lashes, or steaming your suit until it’s free of every last wrinkle.

What does Virgo dress?

When you dress up, you go full-on glam, but on the average day, you need unique pieces that are also comfortable. Pull a blazer over a maxidress or jumpsuit. Wear a white button down—or crop-top, since your sign rules the waist—with flowy pants and loafers. Let your wild hair do its thing and throw on chandelier earrings. Voila! Few signs can rock boho-chic quite like you. Think: embroidered tunic tops, reworked vintage, batik dresses, and even a colorful scarf as a headwrap or band. You also look great in stylish athletic wear, like patterned yoga pants with interesting panels or old-school sneakers.

Virgos do like to save a buck, so designer discount stores and sample sales were made for you. If you’re going for simple and natural, always add a bold detail: red lipstick, a bowtie, colorful shoes, or intricate jewelry. When it comes to brands, you’re a purist with a strong sense of ethics. Conscious and sustainable manufacturing processes are important for you, and you may spend a little extra on organic cotton, fabrics woven by international women earning money through a microfinance program, vegetarian leather, and vintage pieces chosen by consignment shop curators. And, since you’re a natural critic, you’ll be sure to write a Yelp review or share your bespoke finds on social media so friends can support your favorite labels too.

What should Virgo wear?

The Virgo style profile

What colors should Virgo wear?

 Brown, cream, muted earth or jewel tones

Virgo body focus areas

Waist, midriff, hands

Fabrics for Virgo

Cotton, wool

Virgo style best looks

Belts, cardigans and tops in preppy cuts, delicate bracelets, wrap dresses, tortoiseshell glasses, wool suits, lowrise jeans, ballgowns, chandelier earrings, yoga pants, flowing hair

Virgo styles to avoid

Synthetic fibers, baggy tops, heavy makeup, stuffy suits, clunky shoes, overly practical styles


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