Virgo Travel Horoscope

The Virgo travel is style is: work hard, vacation is a duty!

The perfect Virgo travel destinations

Busy Virgos don’t get away much, but when you do, head for peace and quiet! As an earth sign, you love the outdoors. Try a serene, natural setting with a high spiritual frequency—like Sedona, Arizona, or a Kauai, Hawaii. Yoga retreats, quiet lodges and breathtaking natural wonders rejuvenate your soul. We have a number of Virgo friends who have gone on silent (Vispassana) meditation retreats where they can’t talk for ten days straight. Quieting your mind is important. 

If you visit a city, find a clean, quiet hotel and don’t pack the itinerary too tightly. Check out small clubs where you can get lost in the music you love, and enjoy cultural events that satisfy your intellect. You love to learn the local lore, but you don’t have the patience for crowded tour buses. Consider hiring a private guide to walk you through the most memorable and authentic destinations. You’ll love to regale your friends with tales of these off-the-beaten-path detours when you arrive back home.

Does Virgo like traveling?

Picky Virgos should think twice before traveling with friends. Be sure your travel and leisure styles are compatible. High-maintenance pals will drive you crazy, and a trip with them could end a friendship. Virgos need quiet downtime to rest from taking care of everyone else, so people-pleasing should be left off the itinerary.

And let’s be honest, you will probably be the fussy one in many instances. Impatient people who rush you through exhibits or are willing to risk street-vendor food instead of sitting down for a proper (clean!) meal will destroy your vacation time. 

When you’re away from home, you get a little neurotic with things out of order. If you’re away for long, book a place with a kitchen, where you can prepare your own meals. Although you can live out of a suitcase, you prefer to unpack and get settled in for your stays.

Virgo travel astrology tips

Since you’re the sign of service, try an eco-vacation or “voluntourism.” You’ll get to mingle with the locals and help people in need, while escaping the stress of your daily environment. Still, we recommend balancing this out with an indulgent trip that’s all about relaxing. You give so much to others. Consider it your duty to refill your tank!


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