The AstroTwins’ 2022 Convo with Astrologer Steven Forrest

Ophi & Tali chat with legendary astrologer Steven Forrest about 2022’s most soul-searching cycles, current events to watch for, and his latest book The Endless Sky.

Since January 18, 2022, destiny has been pointing us all in a new direction. The lunar nodes have shifted, as they do every 18.5 months. Until July 17, 2023, the North Node is backing up through Taurus and the South Node through Scorpio—a karmic event that hasn’t occurred since 2003-04.

Which is why we’re thrilled that iconic astrologer, Steven Forrest, made time in his busy schedule of writing, teaching and doing readings (his waiting list spans years!) to share his perspective on the nodal shift.

Steven is an Evolutionary Astrologer, a choice centered approach to working with your natal chart. On his website, Steven Forrest Astrology, he describes this as a style of astrology that views each person’s birth chart as a map of the soul’s evolution.

“Everything in astrology represents a defined spectrum of possibilities,” Steven says of his astrological POV. There are “good” and “bad” representations for every zodiac sign, he explains, “and shades of gray.”

“But what if someone wants to improve and evolve up through the spectrum, step by step? That’s the heart of Evolutionary Astrology,” he says. “We all have this high potential we’re all capable of reaching. It takes effort.

“The happier we are the less messes we make in our life, and we get better,” he adds. “Astrology can accelerate that process. It can aim you in the right direction.”

An Evolutionary Astrology take on Venus retrograde

Since Venus was retrograde in Capricorn at the time of our talk, we decided to get Steven’s Evolutionary Astrology perspective on the love planet’s backspins, which happen every 18 months.

His advice? “Look to a past relationship that failed and ask yourself, Why did I choose that person? What responsibility can I take in order to learn?”

In facing the truth, he says, we make ourselves stronger, wiser and therefore, happier.

“It’s not about beating ourselves up,” Steven explains, “but learning from it. It’s about empowering ourselves. ‘I screwed up and I don’t have to screw up anymore.'”

We couldn’t agree more!

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