AstroTwins in Australia: Our Origin Energy Astrology Tour!

A look at the stars from down under: Our tour of Australia with Origin Energy’s new Predictable Plan.

As astrologers, we know oh-so well that people don’t like surprises. Flowers, gifts, a bonus check—sure. But when it comes to love and money, our readers and clients want to know what’s ahead. Predicting the stars has kept us busy—and fulfilled—for over 20 years. Great peace of mind comes from knowing what to expect. Even if it’s not the news you hoped for, at least you can plan and prepare. What a relief!

So we were intrigued and delighted when Origin Energy invited us to Sydney, Australia for a week to help them launch their new Predictable Plan—an Australia-first program that allows Origin customers to get a flat-rate energy bill, based on their actual usage.

Brand Ambassador Adventures Down Under!

Eye masks and iPads in hand, we boarded our 15-hour flight from L.A. to Sydney in the thick of March eclipse season.

Loving our view of the Sydney Harbor & Opera House at the IntercontinentalPin
Savoring our epic view of the Sydney Harbor & Opera House from the Intercontinental balcony

In astrology, eclipses are all about taking a bold leap into the unknown. This spring’s brought two firsts: A first trip to Australia and a first time being brand ambassadors for a major national company.

Helping people save money and find peace of mind…all while talking astrology? We were glad to be spokespeople for that!

Yahoo 7 with Natasha LeePin

Australia: A New Favorite Place

Australia is a country we’ve been connecting with energetically for years. We were columnists for ELLE Australia, have many wonderful reading clients there and every year, an amazing Aussie attends our Tulum astrology retreats.

Sydney is absolutely gorgeous—it felt like a mashup of all of our favorite cities. It had the poshness of Europe, the palm trees of Mexico and L.A., the vibrant glamour of New York City.

Obsessively ogling the lacy balconies of the townhouses around Sydney.

Predicting Energy Usage…and the Stars

As it turns out, astrologers and energy companies have more in common that you’d think. Origin’s research showed that 43% of Australians feel uncomfortable with surprises, and that their wildly unpredictable energy bills actually top the list of unwanted surprises. Go figure.

So, the Predictable Plan was hatched: Much like we do custom chart readings, an Origin specialist talks to a client about their usage, determines a flat monthly rate, and that’s what you pay for 12 months, no matter how much electricity you use. After a year, the plan is reevaluated to match your actual usage, meaning your bill could be even lower.

Hello, America—we NEED this! (Cough cough, Con Ed, ahem.) After surviving two “polar vortex” winters where our New York electric bills TRIPLED during a couple frozen-tundra months, we can attest to the dreaded stressful sticker shock.


Media Moguls: A Whirlwind Tour

On our first day in Sydney, we were determined to fend off jet lag. So like two adventurous Sagittarians on a mission, we grabbed a map and set off on a four-hour trek through the city. We hoofed it through all the cutest neighborhoods we could find: Surrey Hills, the up-and-coming Redfern, and the funky Newton. By the end of the day, we already had a sense of the city’s geography.

Then it was rest time because the next day began our big media tour. In the span of three days, we visited over 20 media outlets, talking about astrology and celebrities, parenting, fashion, beauty trends, politics (the Aussies are as scared of Donald Trump as we are!) and of course, the Predictable Plan.

Cosmopolitan Australia AstroTwinsPin
At Cosmpolitan Australia talking beauty trends and the stars

We especially loved being on the “Nova Nights” radio show with Australia’s beloved host Smallzy, an Aries who shares our Scorpio moon sign. We did some serious cosmic bonding in the studio!

The AstroTwins & Smallzy at Nova Nights in Sydney Australia for Origin EnergyPin
Bonding with fellow Scorpio moon Smallzy of Nova Nights

Another fun highlight was telling one of the Today EXTRA morning news hosts, David Campbell, that he was a woman in a past life! (His south node/past life sign was in Cancer.) Luckily, like a good-natured Leo, he got a laugh out of it—but his Virgo co-host Sonia Kruger probably laughed harder!

Today EXTRA with Sonia Kruger and David ChapmanPin
Talking stars on Today EXTRA with hosts Sonia Kruger and David Chapman. (Hello, TV hair!)

Australia: An Aquarius-Ruled Country

Each country has a ruling zodiac sign, based on the date it was founded. Australia Day is January 26, making this country an Aquarius nation.

Interestingly, Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus, which governs electricity (hello, trendsetting Origin!) and innovation. Aquarius is also the humanitarian sign, so no surprise this country would blaze a trail for a fair and equitable energy plan. The minor ruler of Aquarius is Saturn, which rules structure and—wait for it—predictability.

AstroTwins Origin Energy at Sydney Botanical GardensPin

And in true Aquarian style, Origin did something cutting-edge for a power company: Letting a couple of astrologers represent their well-established brand. Pretty damn cool, if you ask us. They even asked us blog about how your zodiac sign determines your energy usage. Fun idea!

Aquarius is one of the friendliest signs, and the people we met were all so nice. (Yeah, we know every tourist says that—but they were.) The laid-back Aquarian vibe was evident—all the way down to the beachy-meets-urban culture of Sydney. Unlike in the U.S., which is ruled by touchy-feely Cancer, Australians didn’t feel the need to turn every conversation into a teary-eyed confessional or dramatic reality-show saga. They sure are fascinated with OUR celebrities and their antics. Everyone wanted to know about the reading we did a few years ago for Beyonce—which, granted, was a career highlight!

We even bonded with our awesome drivers Anthony and Stephen (fun fact: they had just driven the Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry around!) and the team from Origin and OneGreenBean media. Of course, everyone got their chart read in between appointments. Astrology is just irresistible like that!

Our lovely Leo driver Tony at Bondi Beach!Pin
Our lovely Leo driver Tony at (super-bright) Bondi Beach!

We ended our trip with a visit to Bondi and the famous Bondi Beach (no Hugh Jackman sightings, sigh). And although it may be something like the Times Square of Australia to the natives, we loved every sand-filled and sunshine-soaked second. We’re already plotting how soon we can get back for another visit. Thank you, Origin, for the experience of a lifetime!

AstroTwins Predictable Plan Origin EnergyPin

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