AstroTwins’ Diary: Brooklyn, Blogging, and Burlesque Babes

With a week of traveling, soaking in workshops, and trying out new media strategies, we are totally feeling energizer Mars in worldly Sagittarius right now. Wherever the red planet is parked, it brings rapid momentum to our lives. And, it happens to be on its biannual tour through Sagittarius—our Sun sign, and the sign that governs publishing, study, entrepreneurship, and global adventures—from September 13 until October 26.

That’s why we’re giving this new Diary section of Astrostyle a whirl. Yes, welcome to our weekly journal page where we hope to connect to you, our readers, a lot more personally. Some things just can’t be squeezed into a horoscope! But they are totally worth sharing since you just might relate, or try some of these resources on for yourself.

This week’s highlights…

We spent the first half of the week in LA, where Ophi gave the fall forecast at Goddess On The Go, the lively, inspiring one-day women’s workshops our sister Leora puts on.

Giving a fall 2014 forecast at Goddess On The Go.Pin
Giving a fall 2014 forecast at Goddess On The Go.

Then, it was off to Brooklyn for The Blogcademy — an ideal way to harness the starpowered serendipity of Mars in Sagittarius for sure. Our friend Gala Darling, who we’ve long admired for her radical self-love posts, co-created this informative weekend course. Everyone was gifted sparkly ears from Crown And Glory UK to start the day. Tali was incredibly pleased that hers happened to be purple, her latest color obsession (sorry neon pink).

With our inspiring Blogcademy headmistresses Gala, Shauna & KatPin
With our inspiring Blogcademy headmistresses Gala, Shauna & Kat

Beyond the instantly applicable content, design and social media lessons, our favorite tip from the weekend was “Embrace the Schlong,” meaning the short and the long (get it, schlong, hahaha!). Turns out size does matter when it comes to the length of your posts. We even got a report card since the Blogcademy media mavens gave everyone’s site a keen analysis before we arrived. Ours advised us to share more about ourselves, and we agree — not because we think you’ll be fascinated by every glass of green juice we drink, but because we crave more connection with you, our readers. PS: The Blogcademy is also offered virtually if you want to tap their resources while lounging with your laptop at home (marabou slippers optional).


In more Mars in Sagittarius style, we met up with a long-distance friend at The Blogcademy. Jayme from Shanti Kai Essences enrolled in the class with us. She’s got so much magic in her, and is a mad scientist to boot. A Taurus with Scorpio moon and Gemini rising, Jayme is a triple threat: biochemist, naturopath, AND the empress of Shanti Kai, a line of all Hawaiian flower, orchid and gemstone essences that we can’t stop spraying on ourselves.

The amazing Jayme of Shanti Kai, who makes flower & gemstone essences.Pin
The amazing Jayme of Shanti Kai, who makes flower & gemstone essences.

This summer, the Venus blend made Tali feel like a bit of a man magnet. She managed to behave and just enjoy the attention, married lady style. Thank goodness our burlesque star friend, Virgo Kitty Cavalier, is around to remind us of the art of Sacred Seduction. We were thrilled to see her sitting a few rows ahead of us in the workshop looking like a retro bombshell. This woman just radiates self-love and beauty from the inside out.


The repeating numbers were out of control last week, which is one of the ways we feel the universe gives us a cosmic thumbs-up. The Blogcademy was held in Williamsburg’s Makeshift Society, a rad coworking office with the address of 55 Hope Street. Across the street we sipped coffee from 66 Hope, a gorgeous space we want to park in with our laptops one day. The only other building on the block was an apartment with the address of 99. By now this shouldn’t weird us out anymore, but it still does!

Did your travels — literally or figuratively — lead you to any great resources, books, or workshops? See any wild 1111s or 222s? What would you like see more of from us? Tell us about it on Twitter @astrotwins or Facebook!

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The AstroTwins

Identical twin sisters Ophira and Tali Edut, known as The AstroTwins, are the founders of and the authors of multiple bestselling astrology books. Their horoscopes reach millions here and through their resident astrologer column at ELLE Magazine.