Away Travel Horoscopes: Your Travel in 2023 Is Written In The Stars

If we learned one thing from the pandemic, it’s that the human desire to explore can’t be erased.  Travel as we know it has changed, though—and a thoughtful upgrade is in order. 

To support an Aquarian Age spirit of “mindful meandering,” we collaborated with our favorite travel brand Away to bring you this year’s travel horoscope. 

Away is devoted to thoughtful travelers who are seeking meaningful experiences. They’ve supported nearly 200 nonprofits in their efforts to create “equitable access to the benefits of travel.” 

We swoon for Away’s values…AND their stylish suitcases, carry-ons and travel accessories. (Yes, you can have it all!)

Click here to discover an ideal destination for your zodiac sign based on 2023’s planetary alignments. We also asked the stylish mavens of Away to pick a perfect piece from their collection, curated just for your sign.

It’s all right here in your Astrostyle X Away 2023 travel horoscope…

If you’re in New York City on Saturday, January 21, we will be at the Away store in Williamsburg for a special in-person event from 1-1:30PM EST & 4-4:30PM EST. 

Bon voyage!


Your 2023 travel is written in the stars!

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Away travel horoscopes


We’re not exactly calling you a competitive traveler, Aries, but you’re determined to come home with at least one epic story. No matter where you land, your searchlight is on for novel experiences that are also culturally authentic. While your daredevil sign will happily wander off the beaten path, you’ll…Find out where to travel in 2023, Aries>>  


Whether you’re camping in an RV or lounging in a five-star resort, Taurus vacations are meant for deep relaxation. That’s not to say you don’t love an activity day once you’ve properly unwound. In fact, you’re quite the planner. You’ll arrive at your destination with tickets booked for…Find out where to travel in 2023, Taurus>>  


People are a Gemini’s raison d’etre, so who you travel with can make or break the trip. With funloving, flexible companions, you’ll make memories that feed your friendship for years to come. Rule #1: Go light on the pre-planning.  Curious, variety-loving Mercury is your planetary guardian, and you’d rather wander into a spontaneous discovery than…Find out where to travel in 2023, Gemini>>   


Despite being the zodiac’s homebody, when it’s time to explore the world, Cancers become one of the most intrepid signs of all. That said, you’ll bring your creature comforts with you. TBH, packing light is not exactly your thing. But try to leave room in your suitcase! Once you cue in on the local fashions…Find out where to travel in 2023, Cancer>>   


Excitable Leo, you’re an “everything, everywhere all at once” kind of traveler who hates the idea of missing a historic site—or a selfie opp. (And you’ve packed the colorful day-to-night outfits to prove it!) Ruled by the Sun, you gravitate to hot climates—and you raise the temperatures even higher once you arrive. Romance is usually on the agenda for…Find out where to travel in 2023, Leo>>   


As one of the zodiac’s most particular signs, the best journeys are ones you’ve researched exhaustively then planned meticulously. You may have to stop yourself from playing docent once you arrive on site. But hey, that city guide you’ve studied (and memorized!) will…Find out where to travel in 2023, Virgo>>  


Leisurely Libras come to life when you travel. With so much to do and see, your FOMO kicks in, making you a hard one to keep up with. For this reason, you might want to travel with independent types who won’t mind when you take off on the pre-dawn dive boat they couldn’t wake up for—or you show up late for dinner because you added……Find out where to travel in 2023, Libra>>  


Investigative Scorpios are never satisfied with surface experiences, and this immersive ethos extends to your travel style. You prefer to “live like a local” when AwayAway from home. Yes, even if that means relying on your translation app to make basic conversation with folks in further-out regions.  No matter where you land…Find out where to travel in 2023, Scorpio>>  


Anywhere but home is the ideal destination for you, Sagittarius, the zodiac’s peripatetic global nomad. And when you get to pick, the further from home, the better. Nothing makes you happier than immersing yourself in a different culture. You’ll quickly scout out the…Find out where to travel in 2023, Sagittarius>>  


It’s hard for busy Capricorns to step AwayAway from work, which means trips are usually planned well in advance of your departure date. But that’s just fine for your methodical sign, since it gives you ample time to research both well-known sites to see and exclusive experiences that the average…Find out where to travel in 2023, Capricorn>>  


Friendly, communal Aquarians love a journey with a social component. Talking to strangers might intimidate others, but not you! In fact, these “random” conversations generally lead to the best part of the trip, which may explain why you have a BFF in every port. Group travel is your jam, whether you’re…Find out where to travel in 2023, Find out where to travel in 2023, Aquarius>> 


Life is but a dream for soulful, imaginative Pisces and you want your sojourns to bring a high dose of magic. What will transport you out of the ordinary? From live theater performances to gazing at natural wonders, you look for trips that will take your breath AwayAway. That said, solitude and restoration are…Find out where to travel in 2023, Pisces>>  


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Identical twin sisters Ophira and Tali Edut, known as The AstroTwins, are the founders of and the authors of multiple bestselling astrology books. Their horoscopes reach millions here and through their resident astrologer column at ELLE Magazine.