Astrology Trends for Life and Home in 2023: The AstroTwins on the “Being Home with Hunker” Podcast

Hunker is an online publication for home decor and design. Being Home with Hunker is their home inspiration podcast. Its host, Laurie Gunning Grossman, interviewed Ophi for a recent episode, “Being Home with The AstroTwins and 2023 Astrology.”

2023 is a year of restructuring

Ophi explains on Being Home with Hunker that one of the biggest astrological events of 2023 happens early in the year, and it will shape the year: the Saturn in Pisces transit.

On March 7: Saturn, which rules structure, is going into Pisces, which “hates” structure.

The planet will be in this sign for 2.5 years (and hasn’t visited since the mid 1990s!)

“We’ll have this period where we’re going to be balancing being organized with being very go-with-the-flow with our best laid plans,” Ophi says on the Being Home with Hunker podcast episode.

On the plus side, we’ll find more creative ways to structure our lives.

We can already see hints of this, she says, with decentralization of work, school, shopping; you can really do what you need to do from almost anywhere. But, because we are so “free” we have almost become more burdened. Finding that balance is what we’ll work on, starting with the Saturn-Pisces transit in March.

“I’ve been referring to the year 2023 of ‘clicks and mortar’ (instead of bricks and mortar),” Ophi tells Laurie. “Where we’re going to find that midpoint between where technology is useful and where we also want that real-time, real-life interaction with people.”

Is 2023 a good year to buy a home or move?

Laurie asks Ophi on Being Home with Hunker if there’s a good month in 2023 to move, to buy a home or to sell a home.

Ophi says it’s easier to determine when you should not to do any of that, and it’s when Venus is retrograde in 2023 (a cycle that comes around every 18 months).

July 22 to September 3, Venus retrograde (in Leo)

Venus is the planet that rules beauty, money and wealth, opportunity and magnetism. During this befuddling backspin, in scene-stealing Leo, you could spin wheels trying to strategize your next best move.

However, Taurus rules real estate. Jupiter is in this sign starting May 16. That means, if you carve out the time of the Venus retrograde (July 22 to September 3), you have left all of October, November and December that can be great for plans to buy or move.

“In the first half of the year, organize your finances,” Ophi advises. Get everything in order, repair done, things like that. No that you shouldn’t do that at any time, but it’s favorable astrologically speaking.

Laurie called the Being Home with Hunker podcast episode a fun and informative conversation. Listen to the entire podcast below!

Topics covered in the Being Home with Hunker podcast episode include:

Where will your sign be lucky in 2023?

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How your element influences your home

Inspired by the Year of the Water Rabbit, the Chinese Lunar New Year beginning January 22, 2023, here are tips for each element discussed on the Being Home with Hunker podcast.

You can find yours by matching the year-ending number you were born. For example, if you were born in 1999, you are an earth element person.

Note: 2023 is the second water year, 2022 was the Year of the Water Tiger

0 or 1, you’re the METAL element
The Organizers

– you like things structured and organized
– colors: white and silvers and grays
– lean toward modern styles

Focus for 2023: Work on bringing more energy flowing through your space. Metal is the pipe water flows through. This might be the year to do a home based business. Let feelings flow, too. Metal is known to be cut, sharp. Soften up a little!

2 or 3, you’re the WATER element
The Empathizers

– you like things with flow and curve, shapes that look like waves
– colors: black and navy
– boho chic layered flow styles

Focus for 2023: You get another year of “being in your element.” This element likes to work into the wee hours, when no one else is up, to get into the zone. It could be a creative year.

4 or 5, you’re the WOOD element
The Providers

– you like things in their place, traditional and classic
– colors: greens and blues
– strong, upright, traditional, shelving styles

Focus for 2023: Water nourishes wood. What can you grow this year what needs more support? Which projects would you like to see grow?

6 or 7, you’re the FIRE element
The Energizers

– you like things in triangular shape, graphic arts
– colors: bright purples, reds, oranges, blues
– modern, lighting is important

Focus for 2023: Water is challenged by water (it can put it out), so you have one more year to keep calm. It’s not the year to blaze up, rather to simmer. Wood years are coming in 2024 and 2025; be patient!

8 or 9, you’re the EARTH element
The Stabilizers

– square, low, sink-in furniture, handmade
– colors: earth tones and yellows
– pottery, stone and ceramics, “earthy” style

Focus for 2023: Earth can suppress water. Earth people can work another year on healthy boundaries in relationships and letting people learn their own lessons without intervening (taking care of everyone else at your own expense!).

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