The Best HBO Max Shows To Watch During Capricorn Season

By The AstroTwins, Tali & Ophira Edut

It’s Capricorn season and we popped in as guest astrologers pick to the best HBO Max shows for every sign to stream!

Got Daddy issues? Obsessed with success? Ready to go HAM on 2022? You’re right on time for Capricorn season. The zodiac’s Goat wants you to be the G.O.A.T.! So we dug into HBO Max’s rich catalog to find movies, series and shows that will inspire some Capricorn vibes in a way that makes sense for your zodiac sign.

These are the best HBO Max shows to get you powered up between December 21 and January 19. Feel free to lift weights or balance your bank statements while you’re watching. It’s the Capricorn way!

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Boogie (HBO Max)

You’ve always been a maverick Aries, but during #cantstopwontstop Capricorn season, your trailblazing ways can blow open doors to the biggest opportunities you’ve had all year! Things like, say, an NBA contract, which is the bank shot for Chinese American high-schooler and basketball prodigy Alfred “Boogie” Chin in the HBO Max movie Boogie. Bringing his hoop dreams to life comes with added pressure: crushing cultural stereotypes, navigating parental expectations, and finding time for first love without losing focus. Late rapper Pop Smoke serves it up in his first and only film role, as Boogie’s on-the-court nemesis, Monk. Like the b-ballers, competition will be fierce for you during the next four weeks, Aries. What to do? Get off the bench and let it be fuel for your fire! Stream Now


Suited (HBO Original)

Sampling life’s finer things is an “always-on” activity for you, Taurus, but guess what? Each year, Capricorn season elevates your tastes, drawing you toward all things hand-crafted, small batch and artfully sourced. With your entrepreneurial spirit awakened during this industrious four-week cycle, you’ll want to hear the backstory of every brand; perhaps as inspiration for operating your own business in 2022. Tailored for your current mood is HBO Original, Suited, a documentary by Taurus-Taurus power duo Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner. The series zooms in on Bindle & Keep, a bespoke company specializing in formalwear for nonbinary folks. Here, empowering a client’s identity is as important to the fitting process as draping, hemming, or pintucking. Keep the tissues handy—and a notebook too! The heartwarming transformations at Bindle & Keep will get you thinking about how to use your own natural gifts to help others express themselves. Stream Now


Halsey: If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power (Max Originals)

Even the most cooperative Gemini has a twin identity, a part of yourself that is driven by fierce emotions like lust, competition, and a desire for control. And when better than the darkest month of the year, AKA Capricorn season, to explore the passionate, power-hungry energy living in the shadows of every human? During this four-week zodiac cycle, you may feel a lot like Queen Lila, Halsey’s alter ego in Max Original’s If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power. The dark fantasy unspools against Halsey’s fourth studio album, which was produced by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. No, you’re probably not trapped in a Gothic castle or having supernatural encounters that span from the erotic to the death-defying. But you’ll relate to the range of extreme feelings that this “disruptive album and film experience” evokes. It’s a cathartic release for your “evil twin” and a potent reminder to keep the power games out of your love life, okay? Stream Now


Like Water For Chocolate (HBO

Family loyalty is prized during Capricorn season, but what if it divides you from your true love? Such is the fate of Tita and Pedro, the star-crossed soulmates of Like Water for Chocolate. In small town Mexico, circa 1910, youngest-born Tita’s role is sealed: to stay home and care for her parents. Since Pedro can’t marry Tita, he weds her eldest sister, sneaking moments with his amor whenever he can. Their ensuing romance plays out in a Cancerian’s favorite setting: the kitchen! As Tita pours her pent-up passion into cooking, her dishes arouse more than just taste buds. Ooh la la! With lasting love on your cosmic agenda during Capricorn season, you may soon be adding Tita’s aphrodisiacs of rose petals, quail, and of course, chocolate, to your menu. Stream Now


Jagged (HBO Original)

You make it all look so easy, Leo, but behind the glamorous presentations and showstopping debuts, are blood, sweat and tears few people in your “audience” will ever be privy to. The truth? Raw emotion is your zodiac sign’s fuel. Capricorn season always adds muscle to your hustle, whether you’re working your magic from behind the scenes or front and center, like Alanis Morissette, whose era-defining album, Jagged Little Pill, celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. The HBO Music Box series, Jagged (HBO Original), chronicles her meteoric rise from teen sitcom star to iconic rock goddess. Transport yourself to the 90s with concert footage and backstage interviews of a young Morissette. “People say, wow, you’re so brave, you’re so empowered,” the singer candidly shares, “But I can’t write all these songs without obviously being disempowered.” For the next four weeks, your own experiences could inform you work in brave and brilliant ways. Dive in, Leo. Your fans await! Stream Now


The OC (HBO Max)

One thing that never changes for you, the zodiac’s “virgin,” is how connected you feel to every first experience. And while your origin story may or may not include a filthy-rich, Orange County community, the crucial lessons we all learn as teens are especially poignant for Virgos. Travel back in time to The O.C. where Ryan, a teenager from the wrong side of the tracks, tries to find his place among the wealthy Harbor High School kids. Even from a modern-day perspective, this early aughts soap opera has lessons to teach, like the dangers of trauma bonding to the breezy timelessness of California style. Plus, the pre-social media plotlines serve as a reminder to put your phone away and really get to know someone. Stream Now


Succession (HBO Original)

Social butterfly Libras flutter back to the cocoon during Capricorn season, an annual cycle where relaxing at home with your innermost circle is your favorite “luxury.” While your party clothes will be in lighter rotation, you can still get your glamorous, dramatic fix while enjoying family time! Settle in on the comfiest cushion for some dynasty drama in the HBO Original series Succession. As media conglomerate mogul Logan Roy considers retiring from his CEO role, dividing his empire among his four children unspools into a modern-day Shakespearean tale. The patriarchal theme is timely, since Capricorn is the zodiac sign associated with the archetypal father. It’s anyone’s guess what discussions Succession might evoke among your kin, but unlike the show’s manipulative heir-apparents, your fair-minded sign will be ready to hash out a solution that is right for everyone. Stream Now


And Just Like That… (HBO Max)

Trust means everything to you, Scorpio. When you bond, you’re in for life! Sure, people have to pass a few loyalty tests before they’re rewarded with a lifetime of support and devotion. But once they do, there’s no better BFF on the planet than you. During Capricorn season, enduring friendships are what your sign cherishes most. First order of business: Mix up a batch of cosmos and raise a glass to Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte. After a 17-year hiatus, they’re reprising their Sex and the City (HBO) roles in the buzzed-about HBO Max series And Just Like That. Now in their 50s, the beloved BFFs give us another full-bodied view of life in New York City, both when it’s glamorous…and when it’s very much not. Take a cue from these legendary ladies. Whether you’re celebrating, sobbing or spilling the tea, you and your besties need only remember three words: “Let’s get brunch!”


Yvonne Orji: Momma I Made It (HBO Original)

Family values come first during Capricorn season, but here’s a question: What happens when your cultural upbringing is notably different than your peers’? That’s a subject your world-traveling sign would be happy to wax philosophical on any day. It’s also the hilarious subject matter of Yvonne Orji: Momma I Made It (HBO Original), a stand-up special featuring Nigerian American comedian (and Sagittarius!) Yvonne Orji, who is best known for her role as Molly in Insecure (HBO Original). Now, Orji takes the stage to celebrate her heritage with humor as she lovingly riffs on her mother’s voicemail and her family’s constant desire to marry her off. Footage of Orji’s visits to Lagos, Nigeria punctuate the live performances, taking you on an open-mic voyage to another part of the world, no passport required. This side-splitting sendup can help you make peace with your own family’s quirks this month, especially if, in typical Sagittarius fashion, you’re blazing your own, independent trail. Stream Now


Watchmen (HBO Original)

Capricorn season is also birthday time for you, which explains why you feel even more like a superhero during this four-week cycle. As the zodiac’s “protector and provider” sign, you’re always looking out for the safety of your loved ones; yes, even when you’re blowing out the candles on your own cake. Get ready, Capricorn! From December 21 to January 20, your take-charge instinct goes next level. You won’t hesitate to battle for what you believe is right, like masked vigilante Angela Abar, AKA Sister Night, the detective played masterfully by Capricorn Regina King in HBO Original, Watchmen. Whether you’re standing up for social justice—like Sister Night fighting generations of white supremacy in Tulsa, Oklahoma—or empowering yourself personally, ‘tis the season for you to speak truth to power! Stream Now


In The Heights (HBO Max)

Whether it’s holiday season or just a random day, your favorite thing to celebrate is the spirit of community. Get ready, Aquarius! During Capricorn season, your collaborative sign will hear a call to step into greater leadership. Your mission during this four-week zodiac cycle? Getting others on board with your idealistic vision of “togetherness.” Such is the goal for Usnavi, the charismatic, New York city bodega owner and protagonist of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s In The Heights. When gentrification threatens the tight-knit security of his Washington Heights neighborhood, he is torn between starting over in the Dominican Republic or upholding the area’s legacy of Latino culture with his fellow dreamers (some, who are actual Dreamers). This movie-musical isn’t simply a celebration of heritage, it’s about aspirations. That’s something Aquarius, the sign of hopes and wishes, knows a thing or two about. When you make your resolutions for 2022, think about what you’d like to create for and with your people! Stream Now


The Matrix (HBO Max) You’re a bit of a rebel during Capricorn season, Pisces. While the rest of the world is crafting grandiose resolutions, you’re pondering existential questions like, “What is the meaning of life?” and “What really matters for the future of humankind?” Given the choice, you’d probably take the red pill, temporarily escaping from the Pisces-favored dream world and joining Neo for his entry into The Matrix. The reluctant hero encounters life’s truths in The Matrix, which you can stream on HBO Max during Capricorn season. As you look ahead to 2022, you’re not just setting goals; you’re reconfiguring your entire lens on life. What’s the dream state and what’s reality? The line often blurs for Pisces, but it’s your ability to swim between both that allows you to envision what Neo legendarily described as, “a world without rules and controls, without borders or boundaries. A world where anything is possible.” Explore! Stream Now

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