Your Summer Love Horoscopes from The AstroTwins & Calypso St. Barth

The summer solstice is almost here, and to celebrate, we co-hosted a party at Calypso St. Barth‘s store in East Hampton. Guests sipped champagne, nibbled on treats and sat with us for personal summer horoscope readings. They also enjoyed 20% off Calypso’s gorgeous merchandise. It was an afternoon of celestial fun, as well as a toast to Calypso’s 20 years in the Hamptons. PLUS: Join Tali for a Summer Love event at the Seattle Calypso St. Barth (University Village) on June 27.

Now, enjoy a summer forecast for every zodiac sign and scenes from our event!


  • Venus is in your true love house from June 5 to October 8. From 8/8 on Mars will also be there bringing the summer to a love-filled and even somewhat dramatic close.
  • This will be a playful, passionate and highly romantic summer
  • Rams should be bold and take more initiative in affairs of the heart
  • You’ll be attracted to the rockstars and flamboyant, feather-fanning peacock types
  • BUT, choose people with more enduring qualities because stern Saturn is in your house of intimacy from 6/14 until 9/17
  • You could deal with a few trust issues. Don’t be secretive and ask all the questions you’re wondering about. Do your own background checks on anyone you’re interested in too.
  • Make time for nesting while your ruling planet Mars is in Cancer from 6/24 to 8/8
  • There could be a proposal or pregnancy near the August 14 new moon, or you could meet someone new and promising then 

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  • In June and July you’ll crave quiet, cozy private time with your sweetie
  • It’s a good time for nesting, meeting the parents or taking family trips
  • Single Bulls could fall for the boy- or girl-next-door type. Mama’s gotta approve!
  • Love could emerge with someone who’s been in the friend zone in July too.
  • Let your friends play matchmaker this summer!
  • Socialize with your sweetie, host a July Fourth party together
  • Stable Saturn is in your marriage and commitment house until 9/17 so you need to make you’re your love is built to last
  • On 8/11, lucky, joyful Jupiter zips into your romance house for 13 months! You could have a romantic renaissance then or start planning a fun future with your honey 


  • Venus keeps you in a flirty frame of mind all summer, especially during your birthday month from 5/21 to 6/21
  • Passionate Mars is in your sign until 6/24 and it could be hard to settle down before then!
  • Single Gems could meet a great match on Tinder or just while being open and friendly while you’re out and about. Talk to strangers!
  • With Saturn in your house of healthy habits and helpful people all summer, you could meet your mate while doing community service work or at the gym.
  • Expect some misunderstandings while Venus is retrograde in August. You may need to work on communication issues with your mate
  • Talks could turn to cohabitation or starting a family in August.
  • August is also great for taking a family vacation or introducing your partner to your closest friends

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  • Spend June washing that ex right out of your hair. It’s time to move on!
  • Passionate Mars will sizzle in Cancer from 6/24 to 8/8 making you the hottest thing in town. If you need to start fresh you’ll have no problem doing that then.
  • The sun will also be in Cancer from 6/21 to 7/22, turning up that heat and making you incredibly attractive!
  • Mars helps you speak up and ask for what you need. Don’t be shy!
  • On 7/1 and 7/31 two full moons could bring a great long-term partner your way. If you’re in a relationship you could get engaged or take on another shared commitment
  • Stern Saturn will be in your romance house from 6/14 to 9/17 making a lot more serious about love too. Remind yourself to lighten up at times.
  • Venus brings a lot of luxury to your love life too, but careful not to overspend on those dream dates in August!
  • You might even meet someone through work this summer


  • You’re a total showstopper as Venus spends the entire summer in Leo! Expect many admirers. Your wild side is out to play and you’re looking for excitement.
  • Some lions might prefer the single life for a while. You’ll need a longer leash, especially during your birthday month from 7/22 to 8/23
  • Just be careful not to push your sweetie too far down on the priority list or there could be trouble while Venus is retrograde in August
  • Venus retrograde could also reconnect you to “the one that got away.”
  • You love to be helpful to family and friends but too many obligations can prevent you from having the romantic summer you deserve. Be careful not to overcommit.
  • On 7/1 and 8/4, Venus and jetsetting Jupiter connect in Leo: epic days for taking couple’s vacations or romance with someone you meet during your travels
  • The full moon on the 7/31 will bring a make-it or break-it moment. Decide if you’re in or out
  • This full moon on 7/31 could also bring a proposal or exclusivity clause with someone you’ve been dating casually. 

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  • It’s a dreamy, fantasy-fueled summer for Virgos
  • You could be swept away by someone enchanting before 8/11, although this might be more of a summer love than a long-term relationship
  • Some Virgos may choose to end relationships that they’ve outgrown. Give yourself time to feel and heal
  • From 6/24 to 8/8, an online dating situation could heat up or you could meet someone great through the introduction of mutual friends
  • Lucky, bountiful Jupiter enters Virgo on 8/11 (the first time since 2004) and you’ll feel like starting fresh. That might mean giving yourself more “me time” within a relationship
  • Venus will spend one week in Virgo from 7/18-25, which could bring some rapid and passionate developments. This is your time to be the pursuer!
  • The full moon on 8/29 could bring a promising new partner or a more solid commitment from the one you adore 


  • With Venus in your “keep it casual” zone all summer, you’ll crave a more lighthearted approach to love, wanting a partner who can socialize with you and be your best friend
  • Engaging in group activities is a great way to meet someone; it could happen when you aren’t even looking!
  • Let friends play matchmaker and give online dating a go. There could be a lucky click or swipe.
  • In August, being a social butterfly could keep you away from the cocoon too much. Don’t forget to include your sweetie in your plans
  • Get some shared relationship goals on paper while Mars is in your long-term planning house from 6/24 to 8/8.
  • You could fall for someone a bit older or more established — even someone you meet through work — in July



  • You’ll be busy developing personal projects this summer, as taskmaster Saturn is finishing up a three-year tour through Scorpio on 9/17. Time for dating will be limited so make those magic moments count!
  • Mars awakens your wanderlust from 6/24 to 8/8. Slip off for 3-day romantic getaways. The change of scenery makes it easier to focus on your partner (instead of work) too!
  • You could meet someone special while traveling in July
  • With Venus and Mars both visiting your career house this summer you could also meet your mate through a work function or an elite (and high-end) gathering.
  • Goals, goals, goals! Coupled Scorpios will enjoy making a five-year plan together. You could even start a business with your sweetie.
  • The full moon on 8/29 will bring a peak romantic moment. You could meet The One or put a ring on THAT finger.


  • The new moon on 6/16 could kick off a summer love affair, one that could last into fall. Coupled Sagittarians will be romantically revived.
  • Expressive Mercury helps you clear up miscommunications and lover’s quarrels from May and June. You could give someone you casually dated a second chance.
  • Can you keep a secret? From 6/24 to 8/8 you will also crave more private time and could date someone quietly before announcing it to friends and family.
  • Venus spends the entire summer in your travel house making you feel like a gorgeous, gypset goddess. Traveling with your partner will be pure bliss.
  • Venus helps single Sagittarians branch out: you could date someone from a different background, have a long-distance relationship or meet your match while traveling
  • Some Archers will prefer to be single and free all summer, but while Venus is retrograde in August to push a good one away — or get so caught up in your personal projects that you don’t nurture your relationship

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  • This will be a seriously sultry summer for Capricorns as planets light up your seductive eighth house.
  • Only the serious ones will make the cut! With Mars in your marriage house from 6/24 to 8/8 your urge to merge is strong! You could propose or drop the hint that leads to a ring-shopping trip
  • Be careful not to rush a relationship while Venus is retrograde in August.
  • Watch out for jealousy in August too! The green eyed monster could have you in his grips.
  • On August 11, free-spirited Jupiter lightens up your approach to love when it moves into Virgo for 13 months. You’ll feel more willing to leap with your love interest, sharing adventures and traveling together.
  • Single Capricorns could feel the click with a cutie from a different culture or country of origin after 8/11
  • Be bold and put your real feelings out there during the Capricorn full moon on July 1. Take a risk and ask your crush to coffee.


  • Opposites attract! Venus will be in your committed relationship house all summer making you crave a mate who can balance you out
  • On 6/16, the new moon in Gemini opens your heart. You could meet a hot prospect or be inspired to rev up the romance in an existing relationship.
  • Take the lead in love while Mars is in Gemini until 6/24
  • In July, you’ll crave a healthier, stabilizing vibe: do buddy workouts with your honey or try a sport that also gives you access to meeting someone active and attractive
  • The new moon on 8/15 could bring a proposal or a next level commitment with the one you adore
  • Take an enchanted vacation for two when jetsetter Jupiter and Venus connect on 7/1 and 8/4
  • The full moon in Aquarius on 7/31 is a day to be bold and ask for exactly what you want. Or, take a risk and invite someone on a date.


  • With red-hot Mars in your romance house from 6/24 to 8/8 your summer will have some passionate highs. The sun heats things up further from 6/21 to 7/21!
  • Keep calming friends on speed dial. Your emotions could get a wee bit dramatic at times, especially near the 7/15 new moon.
  • With Venus in your house of service, you could meet a great match while volunteering
  • Enjoy more outdoor adventures with your amour: hiking, biking, doing yoga on the beach
  • With risk-taker Jupiter moving into your marriage house for a year on 8/11, your urge to merge heats up. A relationship could move at a much faster pace then.
  • Don’t be shy about talking about the future after 8/11. Honest is the best policy, whether you want to get closer or are thinking of splitting up.
  • The full moon in Pisces on 8/29 will show you want the right decision is. Either way, you need to bring more of your needs into your relationships.

The AstroTwins

Identical twin sisters Ophira and Tali Edut, known as The AstroTwins, are the founders of and the authors of multiple bestselling astrology books. Their horoscopes reach millions here and through their resident astrologer column at ELLE Magazine.