You’re Invited! Summer of Love Party June 13 @ Calypso St. Barth East Hampton

How will the stars shower sparks into your love life this summer? What do you need to navigate the ? Join us at Calypso St. Barth in East Hampton for an afternoon of astrological insight, and to hear what the summer will hold for your love life.

This Saturday, June 13, we’ll celebrate 20 years of Calypso St. Barth in the Hamptons—and the Summer of Love—with champagne and treats, shopping (20% off all full-price purchases), and a summer outlook for every sign by us!

We’ll cover:

  • How the 2 Venus-Jupiter meetups (July 1 and August 4) will bring new opportunities from unexpected places
  • The summer solstice and how it can energize your love life
  • How the upcoming new and full moons can help you manifest love
  • How to cope with Venus retrograde in August and steer clear of its challenges

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The summer of love just got supersized! Venus, the planet of romance and relationship harmony will spend the entire summer in passionate, poetic Leo. Not only will we wear our hearts on our sleeves, we’ll paint them bright, neon pink. When we’re feeling the love, we will want the world to know it! There will be plenty of public displays of affection going on and Instagram-worthy dates to show off to our social networks.

Adding fuel to the ardent fire? Lucky, larger-than-life Jupiter will be in Leo until August 11, expanding Venus’ energy. These two planets will dance cheek to cheek on July 1 and August 4, power days for love! We’re talking proposals and pregnancies even.

The new moon in Cancer on July 15 will be VERY sentimental because there will be six planets in emotional water signs that day. Cancer rules home and family so July’s talks could turn to kids, meeting the parents or shopping around for a cohabitation station.

But there are a couple of speed bumps!

August will be especially tricky. From July 31 until September 6, Venus will be retrograde—meaning it slows down and appears to be moving backwards from our vantage point on Earth. We could misread people’s signals (is it a fling or the real thing?)  and lovers’ quarrels could get rather fiery. Venus retrogrades turn our attention to people from the past. Exes may pop back up in August or we could pursue “the one that got away.” If it was only bad timing that kept you apart, a reunion romance could be epic. Venus retrograde is a great time to take a nostalgic vacation that reminds you of the honeymoon phase.

On August 11, lucky Jupiter cools us down a bit when it moves into modest Virgo for an entire year. We’ll tap the brakes on any relationships that are too over-the-top an dramatic. Jupiter in Virgo prefers privacy to all that Leo-fueled PDA too!

Cautious conservative Saturn will be in sexy Scorpio from June 14 to September 17 riling up our trust issues. Turning a love affair into an actual relationship could take a bit longer this summer. There could be secrets revealed that complicate matters — yes, everyone has a past and it’s time to free those skeletons from the closet. Also, our mojo may be in slow-mo at times with Saturn here. But in reality, Saturn’s vibes create a healthy balance to all the “just do it!” Venus in Leo energy, that can cause us to leap into a lover’s arms before we’ve looked at the reality of the situation. On a positive note, Saturn in Scorpio can help us build long-lasting, “twin flame” relationships and to cultivate a slow-burning sensuality with people who attract us, mind, body and soul.

Join us at Calypso St. Barth in East Hampton this Saturday, June 13 from 2-4pm for a full sign-by-sign summer love forecast!


The AstroTwins

Identical twin sisters Ophira and Tali Edut, known as The AstroTwins, are the founders of and the authors of multiple bestselling astrology books. Their horoscopes reach millions here and through their resident astrologer column at ELLE Magazine.