Cancer Full Moon Ritual Ideas

Cancer Full Moon Ritual Ideas

The Cancer full moon is a watery lunar event can arouse powerful emotions.

By The AstroTwins

The full moon in Cancer is an ideal time for centering yourself in the feelings of home. These Cancer full moon ritual ideas for one of the zodiac’s water signs, can set you on a fresh path. You can wash away anything that is making you feeling insecure or imbalanced.

Cancer Full Moon Ritual Idea: Bathing Beauty

Draw a bath and fill it with salts (Epsom or sea salt) to clear your energetic field. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and flower petals. Light candles and keep your fluffiest towel handy.

Soak in the tub while listening to soft music for at least 10 minutes (try some tracks from our playlist for Cancer season).

Then—in or out of the tub— journal your answers to the following questions:

  • Where have I felt most at home during the last six months?
  • What makes me feel most at home and relaxed in my friendships, relationship, and career?
  • Which friendships and bonds do I want to cultivate further?
  • Are there any situations or relationships I might need to release in order to feel more at “home?”
  • Is there anything in my home or personal space that doesn’t match the role I’m stepping into?
  • Are there any emotions I still need to express to feel closure?

Use the 2-4 weeks following your Cancer full moon ritual to make adjustments in your life. Create the sense of comfort and security you desire.

Other Ritual Ideas:

  • Get vulnerable. Write to the people you appreciate most. A sentimental letter telling them how you feel about them is fulfilling Cancer full moon ritual idea.

  • Honor bonds. Whether it’s your chosen family or your blood relatives, find a way to visually extol the people who nurture you the most. Some ideas: frame photos, make a scrapbook, put together an online album of favorite memories from the year.

  • Make a contribution—to yourself. Cancer rules security, and that includes financial stability. Put a lump sum in savings, an IRA or an investment that can grow. If you’re in the position, make a tax-deductible gift. Or start a college fund for a young relative, even if you begin with a small deposit.

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