12 Colors of the Zodiac: Explore the ‘True Color’ of Your Birth Chart

Do zodiac signs have specific colors?

By now, you’re probably familiar with the term “aura.” Originating from a Greek word meaning “breeze” or “breathe,” your aura represents the qualities associated with you. The senses, schemas, and sauce that sticks around you for others to witness and perceive. Within the world of spiritual practices, your aura is the color associated with your soul that can help you understand your strengths.

If you’re a stranger to spiritual life, there’s no need to worry. The soul is a concept that describes your being—you and your natural characteristics. When astrologers study your birth chart they are working to discover who you are at a soul level.

Think of a soul like this: If you didn’t have a soul, then all that would exist of you is a physical body. This means yes, your brain, heart, and other anatomical parts would likely work. However, it’s your soul that brings you to life! 

The color of visible is determined by its wavelength. By understanding the color that resonates most with your soul, you can empower yourself and attune to the healing energetic vibration of each color and its electromagnetic frequency.

What are the zodiac sign colors?

If you’re at the beginning of your spiritual journey or, if you need a little astrological assistance to deepen your soul’s consciousness of self, below are the colors associated with your birth chart (sometimes called “power color.”)

For beginners, it’s best to start with reading for your Sun, moon, and rising signs to get a general idea of your true colors.

Aries Zodiac Color: Red

Aries is associated with the color of determination, passion, and danger. Aries is no stranger to taking risks, especially those at the moment.

Even though Aries can be a bit of a perfectionist, wishing to tackle all its desires and wants in one go, it understands that execution is more significant than flawless. It believes in choosing to go after its desires, knowing that sitting on the sidelines is a waste of time.

Willing to be loud, proud, and bold, at best, an Aries’ aura is sure to turn heads and stun eyes. 

Taurus Zodiac Color: Green

Taurus’s superpower is the ability to grow. Association with the color green reminds us of the vitality and abundance in the world.

Even though Taurus is a fixed zodiac sign and prefers stability, it’s vital that it steps away from the trap of being a shrub when it’s really a forest. Meaning, that it can feel easy to fall into the trap of feeling stuck or only capable of achieving a certain level of growth. Taurus is reminded that it has unlimited potential, that can only come into fruition with the recognition of the magician that lives within the self. 

Gemini Zodiac Color: Yellow

Fun and playful, the color yellow is what surrounds Gemini. When at its best, Gemini is such a talkative and curious zodiac sign, able to charm and woo its way through the world with ease. There’s always a social event when a Gemini is around, or at least one in the making.

Even though Gemini energy within a birth chart does not promise an effortlessly happy person, it does provide a reminder to be sunshine in a world of uncertainty. There is no dimming a Gemini’s light, keeping it positive is its literal polarity. 

Cancer Zodiac Color: Baby Blue

It is through Cancer’s softness that it is surprisingly attractive and comforting. Baby blue is a color that reminds us to be still, silent, and careful with ourselves and others.

Infants are new to the world and must surrender trust, as does Cancer. Blue emits the visual vibration of trust and the ability to be intuitive.

Highly regarded for its poetic talents and state of being in tune, Cancer carries an aura that aids it in connection with others. With calmness and tranquility, Cancer’s truest form is to be able to move along with the waves and thrive on the beach.

Leo Zodiac Color: Golden

Did you know that Cancer and Leo are the two signs that are not actually ruled by a planet? They are ruled by luminaries, the Sun and the moon. Unlike the moon, the sun emits its own light naturally.

Cancer in that way is perceptive and reflective of people’s auras, maintaining a sense of ease when interacting with differences. While Leo lights up the stage and colors in the surrounding settings. Even without confidence, Leo is golden.

The truest color of Leo can only be seen when it is willing to polish itself. This means that Leo can only shine if it is willing to do what’s necessary to raise and be seen. 

Virgo Zodiac Color: Brown

Dirt is one of the most valuable resources on Earth. With properly tended soil, villages and communities can be fed. Life can sustain itself, from roots to bugs, and grounded toes. What natural resource would we stand on without dirt, how would we live without all that is brown?

Virgo’s inner power is its ability to be the grounding force within the world, providing enough warmth for resourcefulness without being overly attentive. At its best, Virgo’s aura represents stability despite the earthquakes that surround it.

Libra Zodiac Color: Rose 

With delicacy and sensuality, Libra’s aura carries a rosy tint of harmonious elegance. Libra has a flair for social connectedness and being able to tend to the needs of others sets this cardinal sign apart.

Whenever it enters a room, Libra is met with natural applause. It livens up spaces and acts as an atmospheric spice, at its best Libra knows how to take dive bars and turn it into speakeasies. Adjusting its tone and style for the situation, Libra’s aura is an assortment worth appreciating. 

Scorpio Zodiac Color: Maroon 

Little chestnut, what nutritious secrets does Scorpio energy hold?

Despite being ruled by the planet Mars, people are bent on getting lost in the external presentation of Scorpio energy. Pluto, Scorpio’s contemporary ruler, does have a certain darkness to it. Pluto is subjectively aloof being that it is the furthest outer planet from the Earth.

As LGBTQA+ people know very well, what falls outside of inner circles is often judged harshly. Scorpio’s aura is protective, like a shell protecting a delicious nut, Scorpio is the most enticing when its armor is cracked and you witness the humanity that surrounds it. The confidence, the passion, and unwavering ambition. 

Sagittarius Zodiac Color: Purple

Royalty. That is the description. That is all.

Sagittarius is a zodiac sign ruled by the planet Jupiter, which contrary to some belief systems, has a massive and solid core. The planet Jupiter, like the sign Sagittarius, is sometimes mistaken for having no solid center.

Perhaps it’s Sagittarius’ mutability that makes it difficult to believe that Sagittarius does have a stable grounding. Carrying the weight of complexities, mysteries, and prestige, Sagittarius’ purple represents the cool spirituality innate to its essence. 

Capricorn Zodiac Color: Black

Black is one of the most beautiful not colors, providing the backdrop for space, and space for color or absence to develop. Cardinal Capricorn is not a stabilizer as much as it is a creator, crafting structures to uphold the world surrounding it.

Tirelessly and diligently working to ensure that there is a future, lessening the likelihood of things falling apart. Capricorn’s aura brings professionalism, coolness, and maturity to the room. Remember, its aura is developing brick by brick. It takes time for Capricorn to craft its reality.

Aquarius Zodiac Color: Turquoise 

A precious jewel, Aquarius energy brings weird uncle vibes to the room. Offering up concepts and ideas that no one at holiday dinner tables would dare imagine. Simply by entering a room Aquarius stands out.

Naturally blending feminine and masculine energies through confusing chaotic scenarios, everything about the Aquarius aura is initially unexpected. Even if you recognize the oddity and eclectic nature of the water bearer, a part of identifying them is to know that you will only ever know them as life knows the stream.

Pisces Zodiac Color: Seafoam Green

From waves to sand and remnant foam, Pisces is the eldest zodiac of all. The aura they enter with is exactly what they are left with, depth and innocence despite awareness.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune—and like Sagittarius, Jupiter—so their distinguishing factor is a connection to water.

Sagittarius leads with fire, charging towards creativity; Pisces is much more passive in their approach. Recognizing through presence life will come to them, picking up and readjusting as needed. 

Feature artwork by Monisha Holmes


Monisha Holmes

Monisha “Six” Holmes is an astrologer and Master of Social Work (MSW) who covers love, relationships, and wellness. She earned her MSW at Columbia University, where she specialized in contemporary social issues. Aside from writing, Monisha is the founder of Black Women Being, a media platform aimed at promoting wellness, spirituality, and justice.