Earth Day “Plantstrology” for Your Zodiac Sign

Our resident Virgo “plantstrologer” has your astrology plant guide for every zodiac sign to celebrate Earth Day, on April 22 annually, or any day! 

Using the four elements of the zodiac wheel—fire, earth, air, and water—our resident Virgo “plantstrologer” Contessa shares some Earth Day astrology for both your indoor and outdoor spaces. Her plant recommendations enhance the natural strengths of your zodiac sign and element.

Contessa suggests plants for you that are available at most nurseries and can be grown in most regions. No matter how green your thumb is (or isn’t!), the plants mentioned in this Earth Day astrology article are considered most suitable to your zodiac sign and element, and worthy of a try!

If your natal chart happens to be heavier on one of the four elements—or you want to play up the energy of fire, earth, air or water in your life—feel free to go beyond your zodiac/Sun sign and choose from any of these suggestions!

Note for all elements: In the spirit of celebrating the earth on Earth Day (and hopefully every day!), try to use organic fertilizers and plant foods for all your indoor and outdoor plant needs. Fishing kelp is a good choice for nutrient needs, for example. Balanced, healthy soil is just as important and what you choose to plant!

Earth Day astrology plant recommendations for fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

Indoor plants for fire signs: ornamental or edible chili

earth day indoor plants for fire signsPin

Source: Pepperscale

Fire is represented by the south direction and the sense of sight. It is stimulating, active, passionate, purifying and cleansing, and celebrated by making things fruitful.

When placing a fire-inspired plant in your home, you are embodying all of fire’s best qualities. Place them where you feel their qualities can best influence your space. In general, fire plants do well in the south corner of your bedroom and in full sunlight. Most plants associated with fire like full sunlight and will thrive there.

Water them at midday. Ornamental and edible chili plants come in all shapes and colors, ranging from purple to orange to black or sun yellow.

Outdoor plants for fire signs: hibiscus and marigold

earth day outdoor plants for fire signsPin

Source: Plantopedia

It’s important for fire signs to see the “fire” in their surroundings. With their flame-colored—and edible!—blooms, hibiscus and marigolds are two great options. Flank your front door with large pots. Let the hibiscus grow tall, surrounded by a base of marigolds. These plants can also handle full sunlight. If your front door is shaded, find a spot where both will receive sun close to the entrance to your home.

Earth Day astrology plant recommendations for earth signs (Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn)

Indoor plants for earth signs: Hindu rope (Hoya) and ginger

earth day indoor plants for earth signsPin

Source: The Plantchica

Earth is represented by the north direction and the sense of touch. It is nurturing, stable and fertile. Two plants suitable for this element are Hindu rope (hoya) and ginger. These plants have structural texture and bulbous blooms that emanate earth energy. An edible plant like ginger is great for this element, as the tops of the plant puts on a show, growing a grasslike stalk above the soil surface. Meanwhile, the food part of the ginger is being created below but, like much of our food supply, remains buried in the soil until harvest. Ginger easily grows into produce, and then can go back into the earth to grow again.

Earth plants do best in a kitchen or near a hearth, where they enhance the energies of sustainability and nourishment. If you’re an earth sign (or looking to boost the earth element in your chart), we encourage you to try growing some plants from seed—the symbol of physical life on earth.

Earth plants are best watered after dark. The energy of earth can be further enhanced by adorning your plants with crystals, stones and gems. You can also hang your earth elemental plants since gravity is a manifestation of earth energy.

Outdoor plants for earth signs: vetiver grass and evening primrose

earth day outdoor plants for earth signsPin

Source: Grand Prismatic Seed

Vetiver grass looks stunning and strong if planted in tall, long planters, which allows its roots to grow straight down. Vetiver is one of the few plants that will grow well in most climates and can survive flood and drought. It is a great landscaping grass to help prevent soil erosion and build embankments.

Evening primrose has a wild look, which enhances the natural vibe of this element. Its low-lying blossoms appear as though the earth spontaneously erupted in blossom. Similar to vetiver, this plant will do well in most conditions, but it prefers just a little water and full sun. Evening primrose looks beautiful trailing or spiraling around your vetiver towers.

Earth Day astrology plant recommendations for air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

Indoor plants for air signs: asparagus fern and orchids

Air is represented by the east direction and the sense of sound. Plants for this element convey freedom, expressing it through movement, freshness and fragrance. You can hang air plants in your office to relieve the feeling of density.  Decorate your plants with feathers or dangling tumbled crystals.

With its feathery leaves that grow into a soft, cloudlike structure, the asparagus fern looks as if it’s floating. This plant likes a lot of light, preferably if it’s dappled and moving. It also likes moist conditions but never to be drenched or sitting in water. Care for yours with a big spray bottle rather than dumping a can of H2O into the soil. Air element plants do best when watered at sunrise.

Orchids like similar care to asparagus fern. Many orchids in nature grow off tree limbs and hang down. Don’t be afraid to let your orchids fly instead giving them a perfect bonsai look. Orchids like to be combined with each other.

Keep air sign plants in light stone containers, like pumice, mineral structures or cork. Whatever you choose, be sure it’s light and airy and without restriction or heaviness.

Outdoor plants for air signs: foxtail fern, peace lily, poppy

earth day outdoor plants for air signsPin

Source: Star of Mysore

Foxtail is a lovely structural fern that looks as if it’s floating at the bottom of the sea. It can create great architecture that sways and moves. Foxtail looks best in a wider space or room that allows the arms of the fern to spiral where they will. The pot size will determine the size of the plant.

Peace lily and poppies have delicate tall stems, holding a bloom of mystery and depth. Peace lily flowers tend to grow higher than their leafy plant base, giving the illusion that they are floating.

Poppies are a great choice if you’d like more color at your entrance. They create the same ethereal look as peace lilies, but with a magnificent expression of color.

Earth day astrology plant recommendations for water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

Indoor plants for water signs: aloe and bottle palm

earth day indoor plants for water signsPin

Source: Plantopedia

Water is represented by the east direction, the moon and emotion. As vessels that capture water, aloe and bottle palm are two indoor plants that sync with this element. Aloe holds hydration in its leaves and transforms it into a soothing, nutritious substance. Bottle palm stores water in its trunk, and its leaves cascade like a waterfall from its body. Like water, both plants fill any amount of space given to them. Aloe grows as large (or as little) as its container.

Water sign plants thrive in humid or moist conditions. They can do well in bathrooms, accompanying us while we bathe and cleanse. You can further enhance the spirit of the water element by decorating these plants with seashells and tiny bells.

Outdoor plants for water signs: succulents and violets

earth day outdoor plants for water signsPin

Source: Plantopedia

Succulents can create a unique welcome mat to the entrance of your home. Try arranging multiple small containers or creating sculptures or mosaics effects. Their texture can create an illusion of undulating waves. Violets are the first to show and last to stay in the rainy season. If you bite into their stems, you’ll discover they are crisp and their water droplets taste peppery. Try planting in tiered-height beds that spill over to create a waterfall of blooms. These plants are best watered at sunset. Succulents require less watering as they retain hydration well.

Photo by Hayden Williams, Stocksy

Contessa of Floating Root had her first communication with the plants in college while healing from a car accident. Listening and learning through their wisdom, there was a direct line to the connectivity of the natural world. She learned to hone her intuition and healing practices around this mystery and helps others to hear what the plants are saying. Her system of Lucid Plant Readings help people connect into this energy and begin their own journey. It is a dance between plant medicine, plant ceremony, and practical plant communication.

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