Aries Pet Horoscope

The Aries Pet: March 21-April 19

If a personal trainer has failed to get you in gear, adopt an Aries pet. These energetic little creatures will have you racing around all day: a guaranteed way to get in shape. Aries pets are playful, delightful and great with kids…for the most part. Because Aries love to be number-one, they may be competitive with a new baby when all the attention goes to the tiniest human in your household.

Be sure to spend quality solo time with your Aries pet to keep the rivalry at bay. Regular exercise is especially important for this pet, who can even suffer from separation anxiety. If you’re thinking about adopting a whole litter of critters, this pet may not be for you. Aries are the alphas of the zodiac, so they may be a bit scrappy and dominating when other animals come around. When they don’t get their way, they may lash out with passive-aggressive behavior. (Pee on the Persian rug AGAIN, Fluffy?)

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