Gemini Pet Horoscope

The Gemini Pet: May 21-June 20

Looking for a circus animal? The daredevil Gemini pet will wow you with her ability to leap, flip, jump through hoops of fire. Make sure you invest in a sturdy leash and a solid screen door. Curious George was surely a Gemini and you may find your pet slipping off to visit the neighbors or race up a tree the minute you turn your back. Gemini rules the arms: your pet may have long paws and enjoy toys that allow them to make a swatting motion. You may want to adopt a companion for this social animal: Gemini is the sign of the twins. This pet is also great at imitating, so don’t be surprised if your pet picks up the habits of another animal in the house, even of a different species. (Cat food for a Golden Retriever, you say?)

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