Halloween 2020 Has A Full Moon Twist (A First Since 2001!)

Halloween 2020 arrives with a special brand of magic, featuring a full moon in earthy, sensual Taurus. This is the first October 31 full moon since 2001, so we call it a pretty big deal! Calling all Little Women, Tiger Kings, and @SashaBeFlutings. Your Halloween 2020 horoscope is here for every sign.

by The AstroTwins

Full moons are notorious for bringing out the wild side in us all, so good luck trying to skip out on the worldwide costume party for Halloween 2020. And that goes double on Saturday, October 31, given that spontaneous Uranus in Taurus is directly wired into the full moon’s network, while also opposing the seductive Scorpio Sun.

True, our howling activities may be restricted (which, for the record, will require major willpower), but by no means should Halloween be #cancelled. In earthy, luxe Taurus, this full moon will direct many of us outdoors. Go on a haunted hike through the woods or through a ghost town, if you dare. Swap your trick-or-treat bags for picnic baskets and set up a decadent moonlight meal (weather permitting).

This could be the moment where you finally get to try out some of those #witchtok spells or rituals from a legit sorceress you’ve been following on TikTok. Too woo for you? Luxuriate indoors with a sensual celebration. Drape yourself in luscious fabrics, slow cook a feast fit for royals and fall asleep curled up like a Cheshire Cat after watching as many scary movies as your heart desires.

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Halloween 2020 Horoscopes for Every Zodiac Sign


Trick or treating may be off the table for most of us this Halloween, but you’re in prime position to make some money moves. On Saturday, October 31, the year’s only full moon in Taurus pays tribute to your financial zone, syncing up with innovative Uranus. Moreover, they’ll be parked directly across the table from the Scorpio Sun in your eighth house of long-term investments. A flood of profitable ideas could pour in and you’ll want to capture them all!

Thanks to the influence of techie Uranus, you may soon be developing something digital, like an app, style feed or online store. The dance of this magnanimous trio can charge up your humanitarian spirit. You could find your way to a socially responsible organization or give back to the community while also earning revenue to stabilize your life.

Disruptive Uranus may pull you out of an unsatisfying job, but be forewarned: this configuration can pump you up with swagger; yet, their opposing positions may also blur your best sense. Even if it IS time to resign or give a high-maintenance client the boot, do so gracefully, not in a blaze of “take this job and shove it” glory. You never know when you might need someone to give you a reference. Feel like celebrating? Fete All Hallows Eve with a decadent feast. Artisanal caramel apples, butternut squash risotto with sage brown butter …you get the picture, Ram. If it’s warm enough, get your #cottagecore on and enjoy your spread under a canopy of trees. Or take a “haunted hike” with a couple friends and bond under the light of the full moon.


Halloween 2020 won’t be a buzzkill for Bulls, because Saturday, October 31 features the annual full moon in Taurus. No, you might not get to frolic the usual way, but we’re betting you’ll sniff out some trouble. With spontaneous Uranus sitting close to la lune—and opposite the Scorpio Sun in your relationship house, the perfect plus-one could pop up to howl at the moon with you.

Even the play-it-safe Taureans will be in daredevil form. (Wear a mask over your mask, k?) Over the next couple weeks, this cosmic trifecta could force you to redraw boundaries with the people closest to you. How much do you REALLY want to share—and what would you like to keep all to yourself? Since the Sun moved into Scorpio and your seventh house of partnerships (from October 22 to November 21), you’ve been dividing everything by two. But the full moon and rebellious Uranus are in Taurus and your self-sacrosanct first house, making that algorithm problematic. Over-functioning could cause you to feel suffocated in a relationship—or worse, deeply resentful.

Already feeling the pain? Let this dynamic opposition serve as a wake-up call. You don’t have to read anyone, in fact, it’s best to NOT go off under this combative transit. But DO curb any “generosity” that feels like a sacrifice. Conversely, this full moon could bring a palm-to-forehead moment as you realize that you’ve been taking a critical person in your life for granted. Uranus could also reveal the many ways that joining forces can actually bring freedom and relief. Don’t rule out an unconventional pairing while casting for your other half!


While the Halloween celebrations of the pre-pandemic era are officially #canceled, October 31 will be full of magic for Geminis. With the year’s only full moon in Taurus hovering overhead—and making contact with spontaneous Uranus—plant yourself outside for a little spellcasting under the light of la lune. Any ritual you dream up will be enchanted, whether you’re making vision boards with the moonlight streaming in or calling in your future soulmate with candle-carving, essential oil blends and crystals. (P.S. This is the first Halloween full moon since 2001, so you might as well make the most of it.)

On a personal level, you may be faced with a dilemma: Should you grip on tighter or let go of the wheel? Get ready for some contradictions for Halloween 2020. The Sun is in controlled Scorpio, putting the focus on wellness and helping you regain a sense of discipline. But the full moon and rule-breaker Uranus reminds you that depriving yourself of all pleasure (and yes, some naughtiness) can evoke a rebellion. If you’re tempted to fall off the wagon, how about settling for healthy hedonism? Splurge on something that’s actually good for you. When it comes to scheduling, think clearly before you commit to anything over the next couple weeks. Try to follow this rule of thumb: If it’s not a “hell yes!” it’s a “heck no.”


Send out the Zoom link to your virtual coven! On Saturday, October 31, the year’s only full moon in Taurus logs in to your communal and tech-savvy eleventh house. Not only is this the first full moon to arrive on Halloween since 2001, but la luna is also making contact with rebellious, innovative Uranus. Even if you can’t gather around the metaphoric cauldron, creative ways to connect to your crew will emerge. That’s not to say you CAN’T find a savvy way to celebrate IRL while socially distancing. But with the Scorpio Sun beaming into your passionate fifth house, it’s gonna be hard to keep your six-foot distance from those Tiger Kings and hugging your BFF baby sharks.

Take the pressure off Halloween 2020 if plans aren’t coming together. You can ride this socially stimulating energy for a couple good weeks, Cancer. This full moon could connect you to the artists, freethinkers, and changemakers of the world. But take note: While you may be wowed by a “fascinating” new crowd, make sure these people have enduring qualities to go along with their fabber-than-thou credentials. In love, this cosmic trifecta find you craving more excitement and unconventional experiences. With the unpredictable energy of Uranus in the frame, go gently into that sultry night so your experimental moves don’t provoke a groundswell of unprocessed emotions.


Halloween goals may be seriously sidelined this year, but that doesn’t mean you have to forgo all festivities. Most Leos live for a costume party moment, so by all means dress to the nines this Saturday, October 31! For the first time since 2001, there’s a full moon on Halloween, and this year it syncs up with spur-of-the-moment Uranus in Taurus and your tenth house of public prestige. Certainly, you can be a role model for feting the night safely. How about making a candy clothesline outside your door, clipping little packets of treats to be grabbed? Or just set out that bowl of bite-sized Hershey bars, turn OFF the porchlight and host an intimate masquerade ball in the lion’s den. Here’s the chance you’ve been waiting for to show off your culinary and decorating prowess—not to mention reconnecting with a few old friends who popped up again during Mercury retrograde. With the Scorpio Sun warming your domestic zone, you’ll be in your magnanimous element. 


Social distancing doesn’t have to cancel your Halloween, Virgo, but the stars could whittle your guest list down to two. For the first time since 2001, there’s a full moon on October 31st, and this year it falls in Taurus and your free-flowing ninth house. Too many cooks could spoil the witch’s brew. This year, you just need to follow your whims, especially since the full moon lands at a close angle to spontaneous Uranus. But definitely keep a funloving plus-one by your side. Opposing the moon and Uranus is the Scorpio Sun, which is lighting up your third house of #twinning. Whether with bae or a BFF, coordinate the costume theme or plan something Halloween-appropriate, like a nighttime walk through a pumpkin patch or a daytime visit to a legendary figure’s gravesite. Staying in to watch horror flicks, pull tarot cards and gorge on bite-sized candy is totally cool too.

But go easy on the truth serum when you’re deep in discussion (or debate). Uranus and the full moon are in your live-out-loud ninth house. This righteous transit can rile up “Coach Virgo,” yet some of your well-meaning advice could have the reverse effect, undermining people’s confidence. There’s a time and place for tough love, but if you’re going to hold up the mirror to another person’s flaws, make sure you’re also willing to examine your own reflection. While you’ll meet some wise oracles near Saturday, be careful not to hoist them up on the pedestal. Be your own guru, Virgo, because the best answers are the ones that come from inside of yourself.


You don’t need a spell book or a phoenix feather wand to get the enchanted vibes going this Saturday, October 31. For the first time since 2001, Halloween dovetails with a full moon. Not only is this one lighting up Taurus and your erotic eighth house, but it’s in close connection to experimental Uranus AND opposing the Scorpio Sun. The fun happens behind closed doors this year—and may only require one sultry co-star to set it off. Unleash your inner goth: a viewing of Rocky Horror, red lightbulbs, black everything from eyeliner to roses to fishnets and then some. Bonding with a best friend could also make this a memorable Halloween for Libras. Break out the Ouija board (if that’s your thing) or keep it in the ethereal realm by tuning in to a virtual sound bath, doing card readings and doing a ritual full moon wish list.


Where is the Tiger King to your Carol Baskin? (Or uh, something like that…) While you and the coven may have to forgo your annual rituals, Halloween 2020 will not be a total bust. For the first time since 2001, a full moon hovers overhead. This one’s in Taurus and your seventh house of relationships. It also syncs up with indie-spirited, rebellious Uranus, which parks across the zodiac wheel from the Scorpio Sun this October 31, and sets off sparks. How’s this for confusing? Your urge to merge intensifies but so does your desire for freedom! It’s a classic case of being pulled between extremes—which is hardly unfamiliar territory for you. Matching costumes could be a mixed bag, so get photos posted ASAP. You may not feel like being joined at anyone’s hip after an hour or two. Maybe you’ve been waiting for the moment to liberate yourself from a situation that’s felt burdensome for a while. Your loyal sign is loath to leave once you’re committed, but if there isn’t a foreseeable future here, it may be time to change the state of a union. Conversely, this full moon could bring a seismic shift that catapults you OUT of the friend zone and into something a lot more involved.


Your Halloween headspace could be a contemplative one, thanks to a full moon in Taurus dovetailing with the October 31 festivities. With your sixth house of wellness lit, go enjoy some earthy magic. Take a hike through the crunch of fallen leaves, find an outdoor farmer’s market to pick up apples for a pie or a pumpkin for last-minute carving. (Better late than never, that’s the Sag motto, right?) With the moon conjunct metaphysical Uranus—and both opposing the Scorpio Sun in your enchantingly esoteric twelfth house, you could be moved to create a ritual. If it’s warm enough to do it outdoors, under the light of the full moon, all the better. This crafty full moon could inspire a Pinterest board full of projects using finds from your Halloween hike…chandeliers using fallen birch branches or driftwood, stones for a full moon altar, or who knows, some kind of crazy costumery using pinecones. We’ll leave the details up to you, Archer.


No one’s cancelling YOUR Halloween 2020, Capricorn, even if your celebration has the smallest guest list you can whittle down to. For the first time since 2001, a full moon falls on October 31, but that’s not all! This one’s in Taurus and your theatrical, glamorous and romantic fifth house, AND it’s syncing up with spontaneous Uranus. Even if it weren’t Halloween, you’d be playing dress-up, Capricorn. If you feel comfortable going out for a fancypants dinner or cocktail on Saturday night, don the light-up, rhinestone-studded mask for some full moon festivities. Capricorns planning to fete Halloween with a romantic plus-one will have as much fun getting out of that costume as you will getting into it. Single Caps on the prowl could lock eyes with a seductive werewolf on the other side of the plexiglass divider. (Welcome to the party!) 


Home for Halloween? For a change, you’ll be fine with that, Aquarius because for the first time since 2001, the holiday coincides with a Taurus full moon in your domestic fourth house. La lune will be in close connection to your ruler, spur-of-the-moment Uranus, which means you’ll cook up plenty of fun ways to celebrate with whoever is sheltering with you. A small soiree at Chez Aquarius could go off without a hitch as long as you can vouch for the participants of your masked ball. Go full-on #cottagecore with an artfully tablescaped dinner party: faerie lights, tons of candles, gourd displays, a farmers-market-to-table menu (served in the garden by moonlight, if weather permits). Bonding with family will also be favored this October 31, so send out that Zoom link for a raucous reunion.


Approval ratings be damned! This Saturday, October 31, it feels great to be so fully YOU that there’s no holding back—even if this raises a few eyebrows. For the first time since 2001, Halloween arrives with a full moon, and this one’s in Taurus and your playful, edgy and inclusive third house. Not only that, but it nuzzles up to spontaneous Uranus, adding an innovative, metaphysical vibe to your celebrations and your Halloween 2020 horoscope.

Gathering with a BFF or a couple good friends who you feel comfortable IRL-ing is really all you need for your 2020 celebration. Watch makeup videos on TikTok and do something artful, making sure to record the fun. Not for nothing, Pisces, but there could be some witty zingers flying out of your mouth that could go viral. Disclaimer: Mercury will be retrograde, so you might want to review the footage before you post as opposed to livestreaming your shenanigans. Decorating your apartment or house could be a worthy project, and don’t be surprised to hear some “oohs and ahs” by the kiddos picking up the candy you leave on the porch. 

Photo credit: Mosuno Media via Stocksy

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