Aries Home Decor Horoscope


Active, fiery Mars rules Aries—and what color is more energetic than your signature hue of red? Shots of crimson and hot pink around the house, especially in the office, keep you motivated. You’re sensitive to light and hue, and you get depressed easily. Avoid muddy or muted colors and bolster your spirits with bright tones. Deep Bordeaux is as dark as you should go, and it can set the dramatic mood you love. Use red as an accent in every room, especially in kitchen and dining areas, as it’s said to stimulate the appetite.

Warrior Aries has a naturally competitive spirit. You love to decorate with symbols of your conquests, or whatever motivates you for life’s battles. Inspirational quotes, trophies or mementos of your glory make great home accessories. A home office should also be part of your plan, as many Aries women are entrepreneurs. Create yours as a shrine to your accomplishments, and build plenty of bookshelves, since you love to read!

As much as energetic Aries likes to tackle projects, you often fail to finish them when too many details demand your attention. A clean, organized home will help you focus. Hire a housekeeper if you must, as you tend to be obsessive once you start cleaning. You hate germs, so better not to deal with them at all!

Aries maintain a frantic pace, and you’ll need a separate room to soothe yourself after a long, hectic day. Because you’re highly intellectual and imaginative, create a “play area” where you can express your artistic passion. This will keep you stimulated, but also optimistic, since you find it difficult to really relax. You could even transform an extra room into a painting studio or a dance area.

Aries rules the mind, and you need to unwind and blow off excess energy. Make a meditation area where you can follow a spiritual or inspirational practice, or perhaps try a yoga DVD. When you’re cut off from physical activity, you can become depressed or unhealthy. Carve out a revitalizing space in which to release pent–up energy.

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