Leo Home Decor Horoscope


Your home is your castle, a royal lair laden with exotic influences. Every room is thoughtfully done and decorated. (Martha Stewart is a Leo; need we say more?) Ruled by the Sun, Leos love plenty of natural light, and you’ll fill your home with potted plants and fresh herbs. Although you like a clean layout, avoid furnishing with austere, overly modern pieces. Your larger than life personality is also drawn to oversized pieces, but make sure they don’t dwarf your other furniture, or dominate the house. Your home should be comfortable but classy, just like you. Save any fussy formalities for the dining area, since you love to set out your fine china and serve a royal banquet every now and then.

A typical Leo’s house is awash in rich and bold colors like deep red, brilliant turquoise and plum. It’s cozy and homey while remaining regal and stately. You love fine art on display, such as museum prints of Renaissance paintings or African ceremonial masks. As a fire sign, you need a playful, inviting den or sitting area—especially if it has a working fireplace. You’re queen of the jungle, so animal prints go far. You’ll mix leopard-print pillows with silk, a velvet duvet and other deeply sensual touches.  A big kitchen is also essential, since you adore baking and love to express your natural creativity with food.

Your major concern is to make everyone happy—it’s your queendom, after all—and you like gathering friends together under your own roof, especially for grand dinner parties. Unlike other signs, Leos make time for entertaining, no matter how busy you are. Being somewhat status conscious, you could opt for formal dinnerware and cloth napkins, but what’s most important is knowing your guests are having a deeply pleasurable time. Same goes for your family, a Leo’s pride and joy. You’ll display photos dating back generations all over your house. Beware of clutter, though, and try a moderate mix of memorabilia with art.

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