Libra Home Decor Horoscope


Let’s face it, you have expensive taste and you like to live in style. Ruled by beauty-planet Venus, you love an elegant home filled with pretty things. You’re deeply sensitive to your environment and want the best of the best: a state-of-the-art home theater, an impressive book collection, or a huge walk-in closet full of great outfits. As a great admirer of physical beauty, you’ll aim for style and value, not to mention cleanliness. Libra is the most artistic sign of the zodiac, so lightness and sunshine at home will match your airy spirit.

Always looking for balance but often dipping out of it, you may err on the side of heavy, gaudy furniture with gilded mirrors (to see that beautiful reflection of yours). Or, you might go all out for lightweight furniture, which makes you feel ungrounded. Balance the proportions by using colors and materials in moderation. Don’t be afraid to mix materials or styles! As the sign of the scales, you like symmetry, but too much coordination and matching can look overdone. Working with a decorator might also inspire you to correctly weigh aesthetic pros and cons and create a serene vibe.

Libra rules relationships, so make sure your home can accommodate a partner, or energetically attract one. Decorate with pairs—-two bedside tables or matching pink vases–to conjure the energy of twosomes. You’re a social sign, so build in room for friends to crash, too. Create a charming guest bedroom if you’re lucky enough to have one, or invest in a sleeper sofa that pulls out into a bed.

Although you can be super-organized, when you get off-balance, you can make a huge mess. A home office is great for you, and since it’s usually your one “disaster area,” it should be hidden from public view. You’re a clutter magnet and can amass a ton of little papers and junk mail, for example. Still, don’t throw too much away, either. Buy a few filing tubs for important papers like old bills and tax returns, and stash them in a closet. Speaking of closets, yours could look like a showroom. Your sartorially savvy sign loves to collect clothing, so you may want to put your gorgeously curated wardrobe on display.

As an air sign, you have a tendency to mentally drift around and abandon projects halfway through, so buddy up and finish them! Or, make sure you have a place to store your creations so that you can return later, when you have time to consider them without rushing. This will keep your environment clean and uncluttered, which helps you focus tremendously. Good organization is essential to keeping you balanced at home.

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