Virgo Home Decor Horoscope


As the perfectionist sign, your home décor is an eternal work in progress. Never satisfied, you’ll tweak, rearrange and clean the house  forever. Still, you hate to throw things away, worrying that you’ll need those old newspaper clippings someday. Although you may have piles of unfinished collections, projects and books, your house is never dirty. Cleanliness is next to godliness for Virgo.

In the rare moments you’re not scrubbing, redecorating, or designing a complex new organizational system, you’re probably in the kitchen—the Virgo–ruled part of the home. You love recipes, cookbooks and a full refrigerator. If you haven’t learned to cook, you’ll be a natural when you do! And since you love nurturing people, it’s the perfect way to express that.

Entering your home is like a religious experience. You love the quiet, Zenlike vibe of a meditation chamber. A clean, natural look works best for Virgo. After all, there’s enough going on in your busy mind! Your furniture should be comfortable and basic, in neutral colors like celadon green, dove gray or white. Steer clear of heavy antiques, doilies, overly plush carpet and anything too decorative. Try a flat woven rug, a few ethnic or spiritual pieces (wood sculptures, for example), plants and fresh flowers. Accessorize with small pops of color—like throw pillows and vases in plum or burnt orange. Your large book collection will supply plenty of color, too!

In the end, only your closest friends and family usually make it through the door. You’re always promising to have them over “when the house is done.” With your high standards, that day probably won’t come. Our advice? Have a “front room” where you can host people. (Close the other doors when they come over!) Good company soothes your soul and keeps you from getting lost in your worries. If you have a big kitchen, set up a cozy nook with a nice table, where you can share long conversations or curl up with a great book and a cup of tea. Invest in nice towels and soaps for your bathroom. That way, you can continue your endless decorating adventures and satisfy your inner hostess!

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