Astrology Candles For Every Zodiac Sign

By The AstroTwins in partnership with Homesick

Twelve zodiac signs. Twelve candles. Twelve unique journeys through the stars.

What scent sums up your zodiac sign? As astrology lovers—and dwellers in this hectic, modern world—we all need a reminder to come down from the stars and reconnect to our bodies. There’s no better way to find that serenity than through our five senses—especially through the alchemical power of a beautiful aroma.

As you know , no star sign is a “one note” personality. Human beings are complex, and our astrological charts mirror this. As you delve into learning about the 12 signs, you’ll quickly realize that it’s impossible to peg someone with a single adjective based on their date of birth. 

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That’s one of the many reasons we were thrilled when Homesick tapped us to help them create their brand-new astrology collection. We’ve long been fans of the bespoke candlemakers, who have a knack for creating candles that capture a full-bodied essence of everything from locations (So-Cal and Brazil) to special occasions (Just Married) and indie events (Book Club).

Each Homesick astrology collection candle contains multiple notes that reveal themselves in layers. As the candle burns, the story of every zodiac sign unfolds—and we couldn’t be more excited to help Homesick craft this heaven-scented narrative.

The Sensory Story of Scent

Homesick’s candles are like a story that unfolds in several acts. In fact, the Homesick astrology collection has been poured with that purpose in mind. As we learned from collaborating with their fragrance house, there are three levels of “notes” in each candle: top notes, mid notes and base notes. 

Here’s how it works: Top notes rise to greet you when you first inhale the candle’s essence. As the wick begins to burn, mid notes come through, revealing a deeper layer of “personality.” Finally, the grounding base notes join the conversation until the full-bodied essence of each zodiac sign fills the room. 

When crafting the story of each sign, we talked through each zodiac sign in the same way. What is the top note of a Scorpio, for example? In other words, how do Scorpios announce themselves when they enter a room? This sign has a rep for being mysterious, intense and sexy, so we chose fragrances that evoked those traits.

Of course anyone who has known a Scorpio for more than 20 minutes realizes that there’s a lot going on below the surface. The mid notes and base notes were chosen to reflect the enduring loyalty, creativity and transformational power of this sign. 

We gave all 12 signs this treatment in fact, until we cultivated a full-spectrum sensory experience of each one. You’ll find a rich range in the full Homesick astrology collection

SignTop NotesMid NotesBase Notes
Lemon Flower,
Black Pepper,
Smoked Amber
TaurusAgave, Oakmoss,
Blue Cypress
GeminiJasmine, Rosemary, LemonCyclamen,
Gardenia, Tonka
Vanilla Flower,
Cashmere Musk
Iris Flower
Water Lilies
Cinnamon Bark,
Chili Pepper,
Sugar Cane
VirgoFresh Citron,
Oud Wood,
Cedar, Musk
LibraWater Lotus,
Mineral Springs
Honeysuckle Leaves, LavenderWater Lilies, Bamboo,
Fir Needle
Evergreen Forest,
Patchouli, Musk
SagittariusVerbena, Sage,
Vetiver, Tobacco,
CapricornCitron, Bergamot,
White Whisky,
Cedar Bark
Plum Blossom, Fig
Mandarin, Coconut,
Ylang Ylang,
Pomegranate, Rose
PiscesMuguet, Water Orchid,
Blue Waves
Beach Moss, White Sands,
Aloe Vera
Driftwood, Cactus Flower, Eucalyptus

More Ways to Enjoy the Homesick Astrology Collection

The Homesick astrology collection is a rich reflection of your Sun sign, but you can use these candles in so many ways! For example, maybe you relate more to your moon sign, which reflects the inner part of your personality or your rising sign, which is the compass that directs your first instincts. Maybe you want to set the mood of your bedroom based on your Venus sign, which shows you seduce and luxuriate! Evoke the spirit of each sign with the corresponding candle. 

We are all affected by the cycle of the 12 zodiac seasons, that make up one whole year. During the third week of each month, the Sun moves into a different zodiac sign, setting the collective mood of the world. Want to manifest with ease and velocity? Burning the Homesick candle for each sign’s season is a great way to sync your energy with the power of the stars. 

Zodiac Season Dates: The Sun’s Journey Through The 12 Signs

AriesMAR 21 – APR 19
TaurusAPR 20 – MAY 20
GeminiMAY 21 – JUN 20
CancerJUN 21 – JUL 22
LeoJUL 23 – AUG 22
VirgoAUG 23 – SEP 22
LibraSEP 23 – OCT 22
ScorpioOCT 23 – NOV 21
SagittariusNOV 22 – DEC 21
CapricornDEC 22 – JAN 19
AquariusJAN 20 – FEB 18
PiscesFEB 19 – MAR 20
The Homesick Astrology Collection is here!
Perfect for gifts or to connect to your star sign any time.

The AstroTwins

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