Your January Numerology Forecast Will Reset Your 2019 Game Plan

Welcome to 2019, a joyful and optimistic 3 Universal Year! This is a rich time for creative expression, self-improvement, and social engagement. Discover how your new 2019 Personal Year number will play out for you in January.

Our resident numbers guru, Felicia Bender, The Practical Numerologist, shares your Monthly Numerology forecast 

An upbeat shift is ahead as we emerge from the intense and polarizing 11/2 Universal Year. Now, we can boogie onto the dance floor of creativity and self-improvement, which are hallmarks of the 3 Universal Year.

The Universal Year is calculated by adding up the digits in the year until a single-digit number is reached.

In this case:  2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 12; then: 1 + 2 = 3
2019 is a 3 Universal Year

While the Universal Year Number is a global energy that affects us all—regardless of our individual Numerology charts—your Personal Year Number will also change every January 1.

To find out which monthly numerology predictions to read in 2019, let’s calculate your Personal Year Number—see instructions below—which influences your whole year, from January 1 until December 31, 2019.

Calculate your Personal Year Number for 2019:

Take your birth date (for example): 11-1-1992

Replace the year you were born with the current year: 11-1-2019

Add each of these individual numbers together:
1 + 1 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 15

Digit down to a single-digit number, so keep adding: 1 + 5 = 6

If this were your birthday, you’re experiencing a 6 Personal Year in 2019.

Get ready for a fresh start as you embark on a new 12-month Personal Year cycle, along with a new Personal Month. (In the video below, Tali and our resident numerologist Felicia Bender explain the 3 Universal Year.)



If you’re having a 1 Personal Year,
January is a 2 Month

1 NumerologyThis month, you may feel like you’re channeling Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, as a metaphoric Toto pulls back the curtain to expose the little man behind the big façade. As the fog of your 9 Personal Year (2018) begins to clear, you’ll glimpse the power you handed over to other people. Any overwhelming situations will soon serve as important lifelong lessons. 2019 is the time to truly process what you learned, while also taking control of your life and stepping into your independence.  Every moment is prime time to begin anew, but be ultra-mindful of where you will focus your energy in the coming days. A 1 Personal Year is truly a brand new start in numerology, in which you are setting the template for an amazing, nine-year growth cycle. That said since January is a 2 Personal Month, progress may be a little slower. Instead of rushing things, focus on the joys of loving relationships and partnerships. Place the emphasis on others and spend concerted effort on the collective—whether that’s your partner, family, friends, colleagues or community. Feeling a bit hung over from 2018’s 9 Personal Year? See where there are any leftover or unresolved issues that need to be wrapped up and put to bed. January is the perfect time to finish it up so you can move onto what’s next in a very real way.

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If you’re having a 2 Personal Year,
January is a 3 Month


2 NumerologyAfter an exciting—but somewhat exhausting—1 Personal Year (2018) where new results flowed in fast and furious, you’ll have a chance to settle down in 2019. A 2 Personal Year moves at a much more leisurely pace, where you can stop and smell the roses—and quite possibly enjoy some bouquets sent to you by a love interest! If you’re the type who likes everything delivered express, you may have to develop patience with a capital “P.” But if you go with the creative flow, you could tap into previously uninvestigated artistic realms. While you may be less focused on business this year, relationships will flourish in 2019. A 2 Year brings elevated levels of emotional sensitivity, along with opportunities to become more disciplined with your expression of feelings— to engage them, investigate them, and move through them lovingly, with strong yet supple boundaries. You’ll may be challenged to step into your sense of self, approach issues with diplomacy, and to not be a doormat (to put it bluntly). Yet you won’t feel the full impact this month. First, January provides opportunities to develop creative ideas and abilities that need attention. Dive into realms of self-improvement, receiving support to help you enjoy life more fully. Fun and light socializing is also in order. Likewise, any activities where you can express your creativity is favored. It could be artistically creative in the traditional sense, creative problem solving, or engagement with anything that allows you to step outside of the box.

If you’re having a 3 Personal Year,
January is a 4 Month

3 Numerology

Sweet relief! You’re leaving behind the patience-building 2 Personal Year and heading into the buoyant energies of the 3. After facing down some rocky relationship hurdles and a lot of intense one-on-one bonding in 2018, 2019 will feel mercifully lighter and lot more social! A 3 Personal Year is all about heightened communication and creative self-expression. How can you spiff up your personal image, fine-tune your communication skills, and develop an effective expression of your emotions? It’s self-improvement time—but not so fast! January is a 4 Personal Month, which may throw a couple speed bumps onto your path. Take time to get your ducks in a row, setting attainable goals, and getting schedules and budgets organized so you can be ready to roll. Make sure to handle all the required details and protocol, even though this isn’t likely to be terribly exciting. January is your month to put your nose to the proverbial grindstone and work—even if you feel conflicted. (Should I go to that party or should I stay late and finish this project?) For best results, finish the project and arrive late to the soiree—with a grand entrance!

If you’re having a 4 Personal Year,
January is a 5 Month

4 NumerologyPinReady to get your house in order? That’s the perfect mission for 2019, but take it one step at a time. Slow and steady wins the race during a 4 Personal Year, as you create systems that will make your life easier and more productive for the next few years (and beyond). These could be work-related protocols or rituals and routines you use in your home and personal life. A 4 Personal Year is a phase meant for “pouring cement,” as you set up the foundations for the building blocks coming in the near and distant future. Yet be prepared to feel as though you’ve been shot out of a canon in January. There’s a lot of activity and excitement heading your way this month, and it might be hard to decide which intriguing opportunity to run with first. Expect plenty of opportunities for social activity and perhaps some romance (cha-cha-cha!). The number 5 is rather frenetic, enticing you with travels and bringing up issues related to freedom. As you start the year devoted to structure, hard work, and goal setting, ask yourself simultaneously how to create systems that actually give you more freedom. As counterintuitive as it sounds, the energy of a 5 month supports you in making deep decisions about how to organize your life in order to gain greater levels of freedom—whether financial, in relationships, with your health, or in whatever realm you feel you need a sense of expansiveness. Spend time with friends, but don’t skip out on work. If you have to choose between getting your work done and attending Happy Hour, pass on the cocktail hour to focus on the deadline. Or show up late and make a grand entrance!

If you’re having a 5 Personal Year,
January is a 6 Month

5 NumerologyPin“You Don’t Own Me,” could be your theme song in 2019, as a 5 Personal Year is all about cultivating freedom and living by your own rules. But to harness all the opportunities coming your way, you’ll need to apply SOME focus and self-discipline, or else the year will fly by without much to show for it. It’s the perfect time for travel, especially if the excursions challenge your sense of fearless abandon. This year is earmarked for substantial change, and you’ll have a whole lot of fun going through all these twists and turns! The joy is in the journey during a 5 Personal Year; yet as the New Year begins, most of your activity revolves around your family and home life. It’s a little bit antithetical—the mantra of your 5 Personal Year is “don’t fence me in,” while the mantra of your 6 Personal Month is “I’m building a white picket fence!” Naturally, there may be a push-pull between your desires and responsibilities. Say “yes” to parties and get-togethers, using your social life to enhance your business efforts. It’s an optimal time to network and promote products or services. January also holds more pressing responsibilities on the home and relationship front. Take care of the mundane tasks, even if you’d rather be backpacking through South America or working on your screenplay. You’ll have plenty of time to get out and about throughout the year. In January, step up and lend a helping hand to friends and family who need it. They’ll surely pay it back when you need someone to water your plants or feed your cat while you’re touring the world.

If you’re having a 6 Personal Year,
January is a 7 Month

6 NumerologyRelationships are your primary focus in a 6 Personal Year, and in 2019, you may reevaluate all your connections. This process can start with your relationship to yourself, and extend to everyone in your life—from your most intimate partners to your family and friends, and even co-workers. Many numerologists will observe that a 6 Personal Year is one involving marriage and divorce—literally and metaphorically. But no need to rush to an altar or attorney! This simply suggests that you’ll be faced with intense decisions around elevating and strengthening your relationships, or choosing whether to resituate or let go of people. It’s high time to evaluate what stays and what goes, with relationships under scrutiny for you in 2019. To start the year, January offers you opportunities for deep soul searching—especially in regard to all things relationship-oriented. It’s a contemplative month with a focus on spiritual pursuits, deep learning, and facing experiences that challenge you to dig deep into who you really are on a core level. In January, you have a free pass to go inward and begin to “know thyself” on a new and deeper level. You might even feel like retreating into a little cave or curling up on the couch with a steaming cup of tea. Be that as it may, you’ll need to honor your commitments and show up for whatever home and family issues are thrown your way this month. Showing up for loved ones is a great way to begin 2019, a year where your focus is on those in your intimate circle.

If you’re having a 7 Personal Year,
January is an 8 Month

7 NumerologyPinWelcome to your 7 Personal Year, a time where a quiet retreat is more in alignment with your energies than, say, burning the midnight oil at the office. (Not that you can’t still rise through the ranks!) 2019 will be a year of planning for you—without a ton of pushing, as the focus is more on the spiritual and intellectual realms than the material plane. Yet the month of January will be infused with the 8 energy, meaning business and financial affairs are front and center. While you’re in productive “go mode” this January, tap into your deep well of self-confidence and personal power as you move through your days. This could mean phasing out some less important obligations so you can free up time for personal and private matters—like a meditation practice or maybe that yoga retreat. Financial pressures may also creep in, most likely with people and situations that test your sense of personal power. Get ready for buttons to be pushed! Learn to stand up for yourself and draw a line in the sand, demarcating healthy boundaries. And as good as that sounds, be prepared for a bit of pushback, or at least a push-pull. This is an appropriate way to launch your soul-searching 7 Personal Year in 2019: coming face-to-face with some of the deeper issues surrounding your sense of yourself and your power in the world.

If you’re having an 8 Personal Year,
January is a 9 Month

Personal power and finances take the front seat for your 8 Personal Year in 2019. Remember: easy come, easy go! Instead of feeling overwhelmed, focus on cultivating an attitude of abundance and banishing that scarcity mindset. 2019 is an optimal year to retrain your thoughts and learn to view (and talk about!) money in a dynamic and empowered way. Have you been waiting to get various ventures up and running? You might start feeling a lot like Sleeping Beauty, awakening and rubbing the sleep out of your eyes in January. But first, there could be loose ends to tie up before you begin the big push forward. And as 2019 gets underway, complete projects related to 2018’s studies or contemplative activities. This month, only devote yourself to the necessary work already in play, knowing you can go full steam ahead on new ventures in the months to come. The energy of the 9 Month will bring you experiences that demand a choice: do you hang on for dear life or do you let go? Look back on 2018 and decide what’s worth bringing into 2019. And if you’re having a hard time loosening your grip, you know what they say: If you love something, let it go, and what’s meant to be will return. It may be cliché but the same can be said for relationships; if you love someone, set them free. If they come back to you, you’ll have no doubt that it was written in the stars!

If you’re having a 9 Personal Year,
January is a 1 Month

9 NumerologyTime to hit the ground running! January’s 1 Personal Month holds the energy of action, leadership, and independence. With the emphasis on individuality and autonomy, you’re encouraged to take charge. And yet! The energy of the 9 Personal Year you’re moving into for 2019 is very different—one that’s about conclusions, letting go and surrendering. While January’s 1 directive focused on beginnings but coupled with 2019’s 9 energy, which is about endings, you can expect a bit of confusion as you move through your days or grapple with making choices and decisions. Embrace this as a period of transition, one that will require completion and closure. 2018 was action-packed, challenging you in every way imaginable. Do you feel strong? Have you risen to a challenge (and crushed it)? Have you gotten your financial trajectory in order? Is your sense of personal power polished and shined? The 9 Personal Year of 2019 marks the end of a cycle for you. In order to best wrap up this nine-year circuit, visualize yourself diving gracefully into a stream with a lively current. Then get yourself situated on a sturdy inner tube and prepare to ride the waves for the next twelve months! At the beginning of 2019, you’ll put in motion some of the things you’ll be working on for the year. Start asking yourself: “Does this deserve to stay or is it time for this to go?”


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