July Monthly Horoscopes: Get your forecast!

July 2014 Highlights: Jupiter moves from Cancer to Leo. Mercury retrograde ends. Uranus goes retrograde.

Hard to believe we’re now more than halfway through 2014! It’s been a challenging year for so many of you, and we’re thrilled to report that it’s now going to get better and better. Our hot-off-the-pressĀ July Monthly HoroscopesĀ tell all!

So, what are the highlights? Well,Ā Mercury retrogradeĀ is OVER on July 1, ending delays, snafus and mishaps related to travel, technology and communication. Go ahead, buy that new smartphone and book some summer travel

On July 16, there’s MAJOR news: expansive Jupiter will make its once-a-year sign change, ending a tour through watery Cancer (which began June 25, 2013) and entering fiery Leo until August 11, 2015. Jupiter last visited Leo from August 2002-September 2003–an era of bling, big personalities and the advent of the “portmanteau” celebrity moniker, which began with Bennifer and hasn’t stopped since.

Red-hot Mars, planet of energy and action, will ends its extended nine-month run through Libra on July 25, moving into sexy Scorpio. Combative Mars in diplomatic Libra has been an interesting negotiation, as we’ve all been walking the line between assertiveness and

There will be a couple of tricky moments this month as the Sun in Cancer faces off with controlling Pluto (July 4), disruptive Uranus (July 8) and hotheaded Mars (July 19). Keep your temper in check and avoid incendiary people who get a rise out of pushing your buttons. When rebel Uranus turns retrograde (backward) from July 21-December 21, it’s time to put the revolution on ice if you’ve become a rebel without a cause. There’s a thin line between taking a stand and burning a bridge.

There’s lots more where that came from in yourĀ July Monthly Horoscope, so enjoy digging in!

The AstroTwins

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