Dive Into the Depths: An Ode to Jupiter In Scorpio by Our Poet Laureate

We are regularly delighted by one of our readers, U.K. performance poet Myke Kofi, who writes us the most stunning verses inspired by our horoscopes. Here is his latest offering for Jupiter in Scorpio, a lyrical illumination of some of the behind-the-scenes exposure that has already begun.

And the intensity has certainly heated up since expansive Jupiter plunged into passionate, power-hungry Scorpio on October 10. Sultry Scorpio is the star sign of sex, emotional bonds, shared finances and wealth, and Jupiter’s 13-month tour here is just getting started.

Please join us in diving into the Scorpionic depths and savor this delightful (and crazy relevant) piece from Astrostyle’s officially anointed Poet Laureate—a paean to the secretive vibes of this covert cosmic cycle.

Jupiter in Scorpio?

We’ve been expecting you

to expose hushed-up sex crimes

Please immediately review!


Investigate! Interrogate!

A collective responsibility

We can no longer abrogate.


Mystic detectives, get undercover!

Dig DEEPER behind the scenes;

Jupiter in Scorpio spilling the beans.


Flush out and again

Inexcusably devious

inappropriate misbehaviors.

Scorpio: galactic guardian,

Jupiter: benefic savior.


For when Womanity© is scorned, hell hath no fury

Like prematurely bereaved, radioactivity pioneer,

Scorpio Madame Marie Curie.

Alas, forlorn like Hillary Clinton – What happened? Why? How? What next?


Scorpio, Fandango! It takes two to Tango.

Co-ruled by Martial laws #police brutality #Barcelona

Connected to psychedelic realms #mastered the diploma

Controlling corruptible cryptocurrencies, shafting Plutocratic deposits;

Flush out and again freak show skeletons hiding somewhere in our closets.


Oh Jupiter! Bringer of yoga laughter levity;

Scorpio, eighth sign: Passion, Power and Politics [2]

Like The Sopranos: dramatic tendencies, grand operatic propensities;

Alchemically transmuting lead into silver and gold, pumping up body heat intensity.


Money, sex, power reimagined? Yes puh-leaze!

Astro peeps awaiting primal instructions.

Magnetizing appealing, alluringly sexually healing;

Disarmed by your weapons of mass seduction.


Like Chantilly lace or Scandi-chic noir

Empowering role reversals, boardroom to boudoir.

Slowly conceal then reveal your half-frontal nudity;

Madame Butterfly stomach?

#Slow.deep.breaths thinking experimental gender fluidity.


Hurry! Flash sale of flesh: bare ankles, barer shoulders;

Intensity rises as khol eye-liner simmers and smolders.

RSVPing Sunday brunch in Central Park?

Orchestrate smooth manoeuvres for after dark.

Intriguing inky black, esoteric Sanskrit tattoos;

Scorpio discreetly knows your unspoken taboos.



Eyes wide shut or eyes wide open?

Shamanic amulets; Talismanic love tokens.

Like Mata Hari, wanna play a little cat and mouse?

Ta dah! Scored VIP tickets to the Sydney Opera House.


As for your Unicorn onesies and creepy Vodoo dolls?

Refined Scorpio: control-alt-deletes gross online trolls.


Seriously (ahem) serious strictly playing for keeps;

Sipping Scotch® whisky snaffling “tatties and neaps”.

Rethinking a kiss is more than just a kiss;

Scorpio submerges you #rolling in the deeps


Communing with priestesses and goddesses, pagans and druids;

Intoxicated by the precious golden drops of your Lovesexy © fluids.


The Scorpions happy place? Elemental waters.

Aquariums and lakes; Springs; waterfalls and the Oceans;

Releasing, relinquishing deeply buried, toxic emotions.


Sunken dreams like the Titanic, alas, it was just not meant to be;

Unfathomable depths: twenty thousand leagues under the sea.

Subjected to Herculean ultimate loyalty tests;

Jupiter in Scorpio, hybrid complexity at best.

Nostalgic for halcyon days of Taurean simplicity;

Paradoxical nature, spooky triplicity.

Trusting no-one except select few faithful loyal dogs;

Siouxsie Sioux and Banshees shrouded in Halloween’s fog!

Yikes! – ghostly apparitions like gorillas in the mist;

Ouch!! – stinging bittersweet aftertaste; lost lover’s very last kiss.

Finally, ready to embrace Leo’s limelight. Spotlight?

Might even consider swiping right…tonight?

Yeah, right? Damn right!

Like Orion the hunter,

From the Oceanic depths Jupiterian Eagle, Scorpio’s ready to soar.

© Myke Kofi 2017 for Astrostyle.com

Photo Credit: Stocksy



The AstroTwins

Identical twin sisters Ophira and Tali Edut, known as The AstroTwins, are the founders of Astrostyle.com and the authors of multiple bestselling astrology books. Their horoscopes reach millions here and through their resident astrologer column at ELLE Magazine.