How Jupiter in Virgo Will Bring Luck To Your Zodiac Sign

Jupiter, planet of abundance, luck and expansion, has entered Virgo from August 11, 2015 until September 9, 2016 (read the full post about it here). How will this new 13-month cycle affect your sign specifically? Read on…


After a playful, creative and possibly dramatic year, it’s time to restore order to the Aries court. Focus on health, fitness and streamlining your processes. With Jupiter in your disciplined sixth house, less is more. While Aries can be impatient with administrative details, it’s time to embrace due process. Learning to “chop wood, carry water,” as the Buddhists say, could transform you.


Viva romance! After a moody year focused on home, family and emotional growth, you’re ready for some fun. Luckily, your shut-in days are over as Jupiter in your passionate fifth house brings creative expression, playfulness and pleasure. Single or coupled, you could have some epic date nights. Practice your flirting skills and take a chance—Jupiter rewards risk-takers. A pregnancy is possible.


Family first. After a social whirlwind, you’re ready to deepen your roots. Jupiter in your domestic fourth house makes this a year to fold your wings and head back to the cocoon to strengthen your foundation. You could move to a bigger home, buy or sell real estate or evolve a relationship with a female relative, possibly your mother. Women and children play a central role.


You’ve worked hard building security over the past year, and now it’s time to lift your nose from the grindstone. Jupiter in your social third house helps you market your message, activate your social life and get more involved in your community (buying locally, checking out books from the library, et al.). Welcome new friendships, run for city council or PTA. Teaching, learning and writing could all be on tap.


What a year! As Jupiter wraps its tour of Leo, you’ve launched a whole new 12-year chapter of your life. Now that you’ve done that self-exploration and discovered Leo 2.0, it’s time to take tangible action. Choose one or two promising ideas and prioritize their development. Jupiter in your second house of money, work and stability makes your ideas practical and profitable. This could be one of your highest-earning years in over a decade. Build that nest egg!


Night becomes day as you emerge from a heavy, transitional year. Rub the sleep out of your eyes, because Jupiter in Virgo jolts you awake—as if you’ve been plugged back into a socket coursing with life-force energy. This is the start of a new 12-year life cycle. Leave the past behind and move forward with your dreams front and center. Honor your independence, assert yourself boldly, prioritize self-development and solo projects.


Slow down, Libra. Jupiter will be in your restful twelfth house, bringing a year of healing, creativity and transitions. This is the end of a 12-year life cycle, preparing you for Jupiter’s entry into Libra on September 9, 2016. Tie up loose ends, do forgiveness work, dive into your creativity and spirituality. Don’t force things—go with the flow. Your key word in 2016: surrender.


You’re on top of the world, but is it lonely up there? Jupiter exits your ambition zone and moves into your eleventh house of teamwork and technology. It’s time to find your tribe, both IRL and virtual. Even if you don’t think of yourself as a “joiner,” you could be thrive by networking and collaboration. Get involved in a world-changing cause, since the eleventh house rules humanitarian efforts.


Move over Lushus Lyon—Archers will be building their own “empires” in 2016. With your ruling planet Jupiter at the very top of your chart, your tenth house of career, ambition and success, you’re at the height of your game. Jupiter could bring fame, leadership and recognition for your expertise. You may also go work for (or with) a large corporation, since the tenth house rules traditional big business. Your relationship with your father and/or an important male could evolve.


Come out of hibernation and get back to the land of the living! Jupiter exits your intense and private eighth house, moving into your global and outgoing ninth house. Whew! You’re ready to engage with the wider world again. During this high-minded, adventurous cycle, you may travel, return to school, publish your work or launch an entrepreneurial startup. Jupiter is the natural ruler of the ninth house, so get ready for an enthusiastic and optimistic fresh start.


Under the radar? While Aquarians aren’t exactly the hermit type, Jupiter’s move into your intense and intimate eighth house could find you consumed by research or a new obsessive interest. This could be a bountiful year for joint ventures, investments, real estate, spirituality, sex and marriage (yes, the eighth house rules all of these things). Is it time to make things official? You could make a large sum of money through a smart investment, a sale of assets, an inheritance, a divorce settlement or royalties. Think: passive income.


Partnership power! Lucky Jupiter sails into your seventh house of relationships, which could bring you the plus-one of your dreams (both in business and romance). If you’re happily coupled, your relationship will evolve through travel, learning and maybe even starting a business together. Single Fish could meet someone with staying power, possibly a long-distance or cross-cultural connection. If you’ve outgrown a relationship, you may part amicably.


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