Cusp Birthdays: What Do They Mean?

What does it mean to be born on a cusp?

by The AstroTwins

If your birthday falls between the 18th and 23rd of the month, you may be born on the cusp—or the borderline between two Sun signs. The Sun progresses from one sign into the next around the third week of every month—but the exact time and date varies slightly from year to year. Since most astrology books don’t have enough pages to include this information, they just list approximate dates. Naturally, this has caused some confusion. For example, a person born on August 23 may wonder, “Am I a Leo or a Virgo?” since they’ve probably seen themselves listed as both. Some astrologers believe that cuspers are a blend of both signs. Others insist you’re either one or the other.

In truth, you only have one Sun sign because Sun changes to a new zodiac sign at an exact moment each year. Fortunately, the matter can be settled if you know your birth time. You can find out which sign you “officially” are right here on our website by running a free natal chart for yourself.

You may need to call your mom or dig up a copy of your birth certificate to find out your birth time. If you don’t have your birth certificate handy (and you were born in the United States), contact the Department of Vital Records to get a copy mailed to you.

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