Ruling Planets in Astrology and Their Zodiac Signs

Each zodiac sign is said to have a “ruling planet” that governs it and imbues it with certain personality traits.

Below, you can find your sign’s ruling planet and the key energies it provies. Then, click over to read what the planet means in-depth!

Sun Leo courage, self-expression, boldness
Moon Cancer sensitivity, nurturing, fluctuating moods
Mercury Gemini, Virgo communication skills, intellect, cleverness
Venus Taurus, Libra beauty, charm, sensuality
Mars Aries (minor rule over Scorpio) drive, aggression, commpetitiveness
Jupiter Sagittarius (minor rule over Pisces) optimism, abundance, a big appetite for life
Saturn Capricorn (minor rule over Aquarius) discipline, restraint, a hard work ethic
Uranus Aquarius originality, innovation, shock value
Neptune Pisces compassion, creativity, psychic powers
Pluto Scorpio intensity, depth, control and power

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