5 Ways the (Bonus) Libra Full Moon Will Bless Your Bonds

All together now! On Friday, April 19, 2019 (7:12AM EDT) the rare second Libra full moon this year shines the spotlight on our partnerships and long-term commitments and helps restore balance to our bonds.

Relationship check-in time! Peace and harmony is the Libra way—this balanced sign counts Gandhi, John Lennon and Alfred Nobel (of the Nobel Peace Prize) among its ranks, after all. The Libra full moon tonight is an occasion to celebrate our soft spot for all of humankind, passing out olive branches and extending our goodwill.

Normally, there is only one full moon per zodiac sign in a calendar year. But this is the rare consecutive full moon to fall in Libra this year. The first, on March 20, was a supermoon that set the stage for events that could fully culminate over the weekend.

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Here are a few Libra-oriented areas of life that will be touched by this extra set of moonbeams:

1. Relationships.

Partnership-oriented Libra could give us clearer signs about a certain relationship’s potential. Connections that have been percolating since the Libra new moon last October 8, 2018—or from a month ago—could reach a defining moment. Some couples or business alliances may decide to make their status official, while for others, the question may be: Am I in or am I out?

2. Contracts.

The Libra full moon may also encourage us to quit wavering and sign on the dotted line. It could be time to make an important alliance official. Sign a contract, accept an offer or partner up. Just make sure you spell out your roles in crystal-clear terms so everyone is aware of their roles and responsibilities. Mercury was retrograde during last month’s Libra full moon, an unfavorable time to sign contracts. Now, you have the all-clear to either say “yes” or “no.”

3. Conflict resolution.

Look into your own life: Where do you have a conflict or disagreement? Can you forge a common agenda? Do a little journaling to see if you can discover what each side wants, and even brainstorm a creative solution. You might even “role play” and write out the other side’s argument, just to boost your empathy. If you’re willing and able to hash out a creative compromise, then use the two weeks following the full moon to get everything onto the negotiating table. Remember: Things don’t have to be split 50/50 in order to feel fair and trying to force that might be part of the breakdown. Could you divide up responsibilities to play to each person’s strengths?

4. Style.

Luxe-loving Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, fashion and the arts. Personal style is a rich form of self-expression and a powerful way to wear your soul on your sleeve. This full moon helps you identify a signature look. Are you feeling like a fashion victim, riding the roller coaster of trends—or avoiding them and sticking to boring basics? A session with a stylist might seem extravagant but could actually save you big bucks in the long run. Working with a pro can help you develop a customized look, and save you from all those costly wardrobing missteps. Image may not be everything, but Libra knows the powerful impact great style can have. Let this full moon teach you how to speak a strong visual language. Opt for a touch of luxury too, and splurge on something that withstands the test of time.

5. Mutuality.

Feeding the “emotional bank account,” as 7 Habits of Highly Successful People author Stephen Covey calls it, doesn’t require a huge deposit. This weekend, acknowledging and appreciating the little things that people do can be the glue that seals your bonds. Here are a few magic phrases to try:

  • “I love the way you X (insert action or trait).”
  • “I really appreciate the way you X.”
  • “Thank you for doing X.”

It’s so easy to overlook the wonderful gifts people bring us on a daily basis, but being taken for granted can be a huge buzzkill to romance and friendship. Get the love-fest going by showering people with compliments this week. Do you need to be acknowledged too? There’s nothing wrong with asking for it, but be a giver first. The reciprocal remarks may flow back “magically” once you start doling them out to others.

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