Love Forecast for Valentine’s by Sign

A classic Valentine’s Day is in store as passionate Mars settles into Taurus this February 14, joining cosmic canoodler Venus in a traditional earth sign.

Hearts on fire? Well, kind of. More like a glowing bed of embers this V-Day, as Cupid spins a playlist of mellow slow jams. The moon will be in Gemini, revving up our flirtatious and playful spirits. No date? No problem. Enjoy a “single ladies dance” in the company of your crew, especially since the Sun is in laid-back Aquarius, as it is every February 14. And hey, you never know who might break in the cypher for a sexy dance challenge and send you straight into your feelings.


But given the choice, opt for a classic celebration in 2019, whether you’re feeding a date pasta like the love hounds of Lady and the Tramp or raising a toast of craft cocktails at a schmancy Galentine’s dinner. Thank Venus and Mars for this spirit, as the heavenly heartthrobs will both be parked in traditional earth signs this Valentine’s Day.

Enchantress Venus continues a goal-oriented trek through Capricorn (since February 3), making everyone a lot more serious about the whole dating and romance thing. Do our futures align? Can we make it past the fun-and-games phase? Can we stick together through good times and bad? Questions like these may be a lot more pressing than figuring out whether to go out dancing or cook a romantic dinner at home. Venus isn’t exactly her most demonstrative in Capricorn. PDA? So louche! But then again, a little cool detachment CAN make the heart grow fonder…especially for those who tend to get a little too thirsty in the game of love.

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On February 14, we’ll feel more in alignment, romantically speaking. Mid-day, Venus sweeps into a classic two-step with her dance partner, Mars. The red planet hunkers down in Taurus until March 31. With these heavenly heartthrobs both in sophisticated earth signs, here’s hoping you made a dinner reservation and planned beyond, “I’ll just pop by the drugstore to pick up a Whitman’s Sampler and maybe some red roses with baby’s breath and a helium balloon.” Uh, no.

Since mojo-boosting Mars cruised in “live for the moment” Aries from December 31, 2018 until February 14, there’s a good chance you didn’t plan a damn thing! Ruh-roh. Time for some last-minute scheming to cook up something that shows…effort.

The good news: Mars in Taurus makes us appreciate the creature comforts of home sweet home. Staying out feting St. Valentine until dawn is highly unnecessary; in fact, the sooner you can route the celebration to your California King, the better.


Go ahead…rip the rose petals off those stems and scatter them in a sexy trail to the bed. And compost that baby’s breath to hide the evidence! Since it’s probably too late to snag a table (try, though!) tell your date to dress up and meet you for a drink at a beautiful cocktail bar. Then, put in an order for fun take-out (haute noodles, maybe?) and pick it up on the way home. You can serve it on the good China…in bed!

Here’s how your sign can enjoy the most swoonworthy Valentine’s Day:


With Mars in your sign since December 31, you’re super focused on your interests and needs. Nothing wrong with that, but as Cupid takes the wheel—and Mars moves on to Taurus until March 31—shift your attention outward again. Add more sensuality to your plans. Think: side-by-side massages, kissing under a Klimt original at the museum, and a very important conversation about “next steps.”


Hello, hotness! With Mars, the lusty love god, sprinting through your sign, you’ll feel frisky, sexy and adventurous. You can’t help but turn heads wherever you go, so be prepared to attract a lot of attention. It’s up to you, of course, what (if anything) you choose to do about that. Since Venus is ramping up your independent spirit, don’t let celebrations get too mushy or claustrophobic. An active night (dancing, anyone?) can be the perfect warmup to some bedroom Olympics.



With Venus and Mars activating your houses of secrets and fantasies, you might be tempted to try something experimental. Don’t get so swept up in the intrigue that you forget to ask salient questions (about people’s long-term availability, for example!). With the moon in your sign this Valentine’s Day, don’t forget the greatest love of all—the kind you shower on yourself. Time for a luxe treat; you’ve earned it!


Unlike the rest of the zodiac (and also, pretty out of character for your sign), you may consider some unlikely unions: perhaps a friends-with-benefits scenario or a lusty Tinder Valentine meetup? Your passion may be stronger than the urge to commit, so don’t lock yourself into anything you’re not feeling. Couples should plan at least PART of the celebration outside the house. With Mars in your technology sector, exchanging a few spicy or discreet texts could heat your attraction to a boil!


With passionate Mars lighting up your tenth house of professional success, you might meet someone at a work-related event or find yourself attracted to someone older and more established. Mars may make you eager to run things along, but enjoy the slow unfolding. Attached? Enjoy going out as the power couple you are! Talk could turn to future plans. Do you even know what you want? Be direct about your desires and start crafting the “tomorrow” of your dreams.


Go big this Valentine’s Day! As sexy Mars soars into your expansive and global ninth house, you could make a generous and over-the-top show of affection. Single? Cupid’s arrows might have a longer range and could spark long-distance lust or a steamy cross-cultural attraction. Coupled Virgos will revel in a change of scenery. Maybe it’s not too late to book that Airbnb…or extend your celebration into a weekend getaway.


After a two-year hiatus, fiery Mars returns to your eighth house of sex and intimacy, cranking up the heat in your love life—but also bringing the potential for some intense emotional outbursts. So even as you’re enjoying epic escapades (in and out of the boudoir), watch for unfounded bursts of jealousy, possessiveness and even anger. Single? An attraction could go from mild to wild in a heartbeat. Be ready!


When passionate Mars returns to your relationship house for the first time in two long years, you’ll be more than ready for a sexy celebration! For couples, this can bring a resurrection of desire or renewed intensity about your commitment. Just watch for competition or buried resentments to arise. Single? Make the most of this generous opportunity by going out more, chatting up interesting people and being more liberal with your right-swiping.


Give your body some love this V-Day as Mars enters your wellness sector. It’s hard to get in the mood when you’re not connected to your own physicality. Book a massage early in the day, skip the sugary cupcakes and have a decadent smoothie with young coconut milk or raw cacao, which is said to strengthen the heart. If you’re single, save your final rose for someone who can offer you a healthy form of partnership. Attached? A serene celebration would be divine. How about bundling up for a starlit stroll?


Ready for a romantic renaissance? With amorous Venus in your sign, you’re one of Cupid’s favorites this V-Day. It doesn’t hurt that red-blooded Mars returns to sensual Taurus and your amorous fifth house for the first time in two years, setting off a rogue wave of lusty passion. Single? Seek with an open mind and you’ll have your hands full of options. Coupled Caps might have bambinos on the brain. Note this is a highly fertile phase for you, so consider yourself on notice.


The Aquarius Sun and Gemini moon will have you in funloving spirits this V-Day, and your best bet is to keep things as light and playful as you possibly can! You’ll need to combat some of the effects of Mars entering your sensitive fourth house, which could leave you feeling a little raw and vulnerable. This is a kind of double-edged sword that can help you drop your guard but also stir up passion and anger. Stay mindful in your interactions…and if all else fails, at least you can look forward to some good makeup sex!


As passionate Mars marches into your communication corner and gets a loving nudge from Venus in your “anything goes” eleventh house, you’re ready to talk about something that’s been upsetting—or enticing—you. While you have your date’s ear (and perhaps other body parts), be a little more candid and direct about your needs and desires. Just don’t forget the most essential ingredient: a sense of humor!


Illustration by The Grande Dame


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