March Monthly Horoscope: Radical Changes and Retrogrades

With Mercury retrograde for most of the month and radical disruptor Uranus entering Taurus for 7 years, the cosmic winds of change are something fierce this March. Here’s how to stay graceful through the gusts.

March on, people! Pisces season isn’t quite as freewheeling and flowy this year. In fact, the tides are turning—and yes, we are also talking about the 660-mile iceberg that’s breaking off the Antarctic shelf…as well as the fact that it’s Women’s History Month during one of the fiercest, female-powered eras in decades. With the north node in Cancer, the divine feminine sign, for the first time in 18 years, we’re all feeling a little “notorious RBG” right now!

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As above, so below: The stars are mirroring all of this—and inspiring us to get our metaphorical (and literal) MARCH on. On March 6, disruptor Uranus makes a 7-year move into determined Taurus. This transit, which only happens every 84 years, gave us a brief preview from May 15 to November 6, 2018, when Uranus made a small stop in Taurus before backing into Aries for one fire-powered final hurrah.

With progress-or-bust Uranus back in the steadfast Bull’s pen, we’ll start refusing to budge on the issues that matter to this earth sign: economic reform, climate change and sustainable practices on THIS planet.

In perfect timing, we recently connected with Alexandria Villasenor, an incredible 13-year-old activist—and a Taurus!—who’s ignited a global movement among her peers. (If you’re a Taurus like her, get ready to lead the charge for the rest of us!)

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Every Friday, this triple earth-sign wunderkind boycotts school and sits on a bench outside the U.N. to demand that world leaders prioritize and address the climate crisis, which will impact her generation the most. She’s organized a Youth Climate Strike on March 15 and a manifesto that states the following:

We are striking because our world leaders have yet to acknowledge, prioritize, or properly address our climate crisis. We are striking because marginalized communities across our nation —especially communities of color, disabled communities, and low- income communities—are already disproportionately impacted by climate change. We are striking because if the social order is disrupted by our refusal to attend school, then the system is forced to face the climate crisis and enact change.

Amen, sister!

Don’t expect change-making to be comfortable between now and April 2026: Revolutionary Uranus, the planet of technology, is in “fall” in Taurus, meaning it’s a bit out-of-sorts here. After all, Taurus rules stability and Uranus pushes for change. The upside? We could turn this paradox into poetry if we use science, tech and innovation to create solutions that are built to last.

The other headliner this month is Mercury, which will be retrograde in watery Pisces from March 5-28. Everything from our oceans to our emotions will take center stage. If you’re already feeling the blurry edges, communication planet Mercury in this obfuscating sign could make daily life feel surreal.

The positives: Imagination and creativity reawaken, along with compassion. But trying to get a straight answer or decipher what your own jumbled thoughts are telling you? Not happening. A little warning: Pisces rules the hidden and unseen, so be mindful whom you trust. Sneaky or shady behavior could be on the rise. Along with protecting your data and devices from Mercury retrograde’s technology mayhem, shield your energetic field and keep your boundaries firmly intact—a challenge during Pisces time.

On March 20, Aries season announces the spring equinox — along with 2019’s third and final supermoon! This one, in peaceful and diplomatic Libra, is extra special because it’s the first of two rare, back-to-back Libra full moons this year. Between now and April 19, we have a unique bonus window for bringing balance back to our relationships and world.

Get the full scoop on what March has in store for YOUR sign — come read your Monthly Horoscope!

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