4 Things to Do As Mercury Retrograde Ends

Plus what to do when Mercury Retrograde ends, by your zodiac sign

Mercury retrograde ends on July 12. We’ll wave farewell to three weeks of mixed signals, communication breakdowns and technology snafus.

by The AstroTwins

Stuck on a feeling? We totally understand. With Mercury retrograde in watery, sensitive Cancer since June 18, everyone’s been in, well…a mood. When the messenger planet passes the Earth in its orbit 3-4 times each year (and turns retrograde), interactions can go haywire. And when the retrograde happens to fall in a touchy water sign? Rubbing people the wrong way just comes with the territory.

It’s time to reclaim your emotional range! On Sunday, July 12, Mercury retrograde ends and powers forward again through Cancer until August 4. While the shadow (retroshade) period lingers on until July 26 as Mercury makes up the miles it lost during the retrograde, communication breakdowns begin to resolve starting on July 12.

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4 things to begin your relief effort when Mercury Retrograde ends in Cancer

(And before the next Mercury Retrograde—but the last of 2020—October 13 to November 3 in Scorpio!)

1. Call a house meeting.

Mercury’s forward U-turn brings major relief for everyone, but it’s especially helpful for relatives and roommates who’ve been butting heads since mid-June. That’s because the zodiac’s Crab rules all things domestic. This backspin may have dredged up uncomfortable conflicts with the people living under your roof. After Mercury retrograde ends on July 12, rally everyone for a house meeting.

If you’ve been keeping different hours or (accidentally) encroaching on each other’s need for private time, there’s no need to keep slamming doors, talking trash or serving a cold shoulder. Pass the talking stick and let everyone state their needs. Once you’ve all had your say, start negotiating things like house rules, division of chores and quiet hours. Do you live alone? You may need to sort things out with the noisy (or nosy) neighbor who’s been unwittingly disturbing your peace.

2. Revamp your space.

Thanks to quarantines and restrictions, our homes have been more multifunctional than most of us ever anticipated in 2020. But that cozy nook you turned into your WFH office back in April might be feeling claustrophobic (or stuffy AF) now that summer’s underway. Mix it up!

As Mercury retrograde ends, you have the green light to pick your favorite swatch and get a few gallons of latex or a temporary wallpaper. Move it off the mood board and into your reality. Want to make your space smarter? The coast is clear to start installing those e-gadgets that will turn on the hot tub or get your bedroom summertime cool before you hit the sack.

3. Clean up your diet.

How we nourish ourselves is Cancer’s business, and during Mercury’s reverse commute through this nurturing sign, emotional eating may have lured us away from our healthier diets. RosĂ© all day might technically be “fine” during these times. (Heck, we’re not telling.) But if your energy’s been flagging, dial back the depressants or stimulants that can bring a spike and crash: alcohol, caffeine, sugar, you know…

4. Sign your name.

Decisions, decisions. There’s nothing quite like a retrograde to leave us deliberating endlessly. Retrogrades are better times for researching than surging forward, anyway. As the messenger planet pivots forward, the coast is clear to commit in a more formal way. Send the contract to your attorney or review the fine print like a hawk (or, preferably, both). You’ll soon be ready to Docusign and get the collaborations in gear!

What to do, by zodiac sign, when Mercury Retrograde ends


Tend to the people in your inner circle as messenger Mercury ends a retrograde that began on June 18 and has been retreating through your home and family zone ever since. Maybe you had a challenging standoff with a close friend or a chaotic situation at Chateau Ram. Take heart: The messenger planet is sprinting forward again, smoothing ruffled feathers and soothing hurt feelings. With articulate Mercury in this corner until August 4, you may want to put your eloquence to work making amends with anyone who has felt the sting of your sharp tongue over the past three weeks.


Mercury ends a three-week retrograde through your communication sector. Ever since June 18, you’ve been fielding argumentative types at every turn! By now, you may have realized the common denominator (glug) was you…and maybe you came to terms with the fact that you quite enjoy a spirited debate! That aside, Bull, you can move back to peaceful pastures and start clearing the air as the messenger planet brings a fresh wave of fresh energy to your interactions. As dialogues flow freely between now and August 4, you’ll have time to devote to areas of your life you’ve been neglecting amid any turmoil. Delve into writing and multimedia projects that got shelved. You could have something to launch by the end of the summer!


Money mysteries begin to clear up as Mercury, which has been retrograde since June 18, pivots back into direct motion. As the speedy planet corrects course, your professional momentum perks up again. Be proactive by setting up pitch meetings or signing up for income-boosting trainings. Even a casual conversation with a successful) friend could yield potential work opportunities. Bonus: Mercury will stay parked in your second house of financial status until August 4. Cut out a few expenses, and you can flush with cash in no time.


Communication breakdowns begin to clear up as messenger Mercury ends an aggravating retrograde. It’s never easy when the expressive planet shifts into reverse and makes you feel like you’re talking on a cell phone with barely one bar. This last cycle, which started on June 18, has been particularly bumpy since Mercury reversed through YOUR sign the whole time. Beginning July 12, you can lift the gag order, Cancer, as Mercury moves forward in your first house of self and new beginnings, where it will lend momentum until August 4. Press “go” on anything you put on hold and bring more of your authentic self to all of it!


A few uphill battles you’ve been fighting will end when mental Mercury pivots out of a three-week retrograde and powers forward in your twelfth house of rest, healing and closure. This foggy time, which began June 18 in Cancer and your solitary twelfth house, may have left you feeling isolated and exhausted. As the communication planet moves forward today, start untangling the crossed wires and silly misunderstandings. You’ll also get a jolt of momentum by meditating or any therapeutic work, which will help get all those stalled initiatives back in motion!


Jammed signals start clearing up as your ruler, Mercury, pivots out of a three-week retrograde that began on June 18 in Cancer and your eleventh house of teamwork and tech. If you felt like your connectivity dropped during this befuddling backspin, don’t stress. Starting July 12, you can log back into life and start connecting to people at fiber-optic speed again. Finally, you’ll be able to request and receive everything you need, from a phone upgrade to a productive team meeting. If you’ve been unclear who’s got your back on Team Virgo, you’ll soon witness people’s true colors. Take note!


Career chaos begins to dissipate as Mercury wraps up a grueling three-week retrograde in Cancer that rattled your career zone since June 18. Beginning July 12, you can begin restoring order to the Libra court while getting back in sync with colleagues and friends. Upgrade your gadgets and send out a request for a back-to-business kickoff meeting. Let everyone know that productivity starts now, and take personal accountability for your team’s results. Some promising new recruits to the squad could pop up under today’s new moon. Stay open!


Foggy notions about your future may start to dissipate as mischievous Mercury’s retrograde, which began on June 18, comes to a blessed finale. As the communication planet backpedaled through your your ninth house of exploration and expansion you may have experienced snafus with long-distance associates or travel plans. Your well-meaning words might have gotten lost in translation, possibly provoking some snark. Put it all behind you now. As Mercury moves forward in sensitive Cancer until August 4, you can lock down that family visit and start speaking your truth in a more heartfelt manner.


Get back in sync with your closest partners in life, love and…everything! Tension may have erupted ever since communicator Mercury went retrograde on June 18 and retreated through Cancer and your intimate eighth house. Maybe you’ve felt the weight of romantic upheaval or crossed wires with colleagues. With Mercury back on track in Cancer until August 4, you can start ironing out the kinks in a shaky joint venture and repairing key relationships. The last three weeks haven’t been easy, but you can learn from them by identifying and alleviating the stressors that conflated conflicts into crises. Much-needed heart-to-hearts will pave the way to harmony and understanding.


If you’ve been having not-so-secret doubts about your closest relationships, whether in love or business, you can blame those uninvited thoughts on Mercury retrograde. Since June 18, the messenger planet has been in reversing through Cancer and your partnership zone. With Mercury back on track starting July 12, you can cooperate effectively to find solutions—and even have fun doing it. But no more mincing words. Before August 4, confront the people or address the situations that have been contributing to your angst. Remember, Capricorn: dialogues, not diatribes!


You’ll get a stern reminder of the importance of self-care as mindful Mercury pivots out of retrograde. Since June 18, the signal-scrambling planet has been napping in your sixth house of health and organization. If you’ve been feeling the effects in the form of stress-related meltdowns and fatigue, it’s time for a change. Reconfigure your schedule so you can spend more rejuvenating time in the sunshine between now and August 4!


Mercury snaps out of retrograde after mucking up matters in Cancer and your passionate fifth house since June 18. An ex may have returned to cause trouble or maybe you’ve just felt distant from bae. In all social situations, people have gotten under your skin more than ever. Mercury moves forward again, helping you make amends or just start fresh with a more fitting romantic interest. Soon, you’ll be ready to embrace a healthy relationship—or bring some stability to the one you’re already in.


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