An Ode to Mercury Retrograde in Virgo from Our Poet Laureate

We are regularly delighted by one of our readers, U.K. performance poet Myke Kofi, who writes us the most stunning verses inspired by our horoscopes. Talk about flattering! So we asked Myke to share his latest for Mercury retrograde, to offer lyrical cosmic insight to this notoriously stubborn starmap.

Since August 12, Mercury is retrograde for the third time in 2017. This backspin lasts until September 5, beginning in anxious Virgo then slipping back through dramatic Leo for the remainder. Conversations could devolve into endless ethical debates or even shouting matches. What’s important to remember for this three-week phase is that you CAN agree to disagree—before relationships are rammed into the ground.

Please join us in savoring this delightful piece from Astrostyle’s officially anointed Poet Laureate—a paean to the pain of Mercury that is both a blessing and a curse to us all. Enjoy! –Tali & Ophi

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Mercury Retrograde in Virgo


Retrograde Mercury in Virgo 

Revisiting, rerouting us 

Rescheduling, rewiring us 

Redrawing lines; retracing steps. 


Refinding misplaced pink pussy hats 

Resourceful Virgo.  Eagle-eyed like that. 


Resolutely thoughtful; mutinous mutability 

Retro-shading all our Senses and Sensibility. 

Reveal and conceal: a Jane Austen bodice ripper? 

Replay and delay: telegrams aboard steamship clipper. 


Retrograde Mercury in Virgo 

Reimagining us, android-humanoids 

Redefining, recreating us  

Renaming and reclaiming us. 

Re-crafting, redrafting 

Rewriting, re-editing 

Re-issuing, reposting 

Re-blogging, re-tweeting 

Reprinting, republishing 

Renegotiating our basic human rights. 

Respecting intellectual property rights. 


Redirecting us:  a Sam Shepard play 

Re-enacting an earthy roll in the hay. 

Replicating fruit-flies; recombinant DNA. 

Rendering morphed mutants evolution’s way. 

Recognizing foreplay; trusting nature’s instincts 

Remembering maternal; yielding subtle hints. 


Reconstructive surgery. Regenerative medicines. 

Revitalizing sluggish, stagnant revenue streams.  

Re-inhaling Ayahausca. Totally recalling lucid dreams. 

Re-purposing old herbs; still good as new 

Re-tilling the soil in the morning dew. 

Repairing wounded Earth. Virgo’s eco healing 

Rekindling relationships; humanity’s forsaken feeling. 

Reuniting Oscar Wilde with his long lost Bosie 

Re-sleuthing  clues ‘cause Virgo’s kind of nosey. 

Resolved, separated the wheat from the chaff. And oh 

Really? Another #White House #media gaffe. 


Sandwiched by game-changing Eclipses 

Reality bites: no one can miss this. 

Aquarius, partial lunar; then Leo, total solar 

Re-setting satellites; resonating sonar.  


Repelled by repugnant, reprehensible acts 

Distorted truths; w.t.f “alternative facts 

Repealing basic human right, affordable care? 

Re-read Virgo’s lips, Senators. Don’t go there. 


Rethinking the unthinkable; reigning in the impeachable. 

Relearning history; repeating the inevitable? 

Reclassifying information on the need to know 

Reaping what we sow; reaping what we’ve sown. 

Reinvestigating elections; and the FBI repercussions 

Retranscending hate with love, comrade Russians. 

Re-striving for perfection; the sixth Herculean task 

Really Virgo: is there nothing too much to ask? 


Redoubling efforts; re-employing elbow grease 

Re-scrutinizing the minutiae hidden in the lease. 

Reopening windows, re-hinging doors; 

Re-scouring kitchens, rescrubbing floors. 

Redeeming coupons, thrift-store vouchers; 

Re-setting passwords, refreshing browsers. 


Re-stacking shelving. Re-polishing brass; 

Replanting seeds.  Re-feeding grass. 

Redeeming broken-hearts, Pisces pieces;  

Rescuing android-humanoids in distress.  

Restoring faith and hope; rectifying the mess. 


Re-emerged from the trickster’s backspin 

Replenished, respectful, reverential 

Retrieved treasures buried deep within. 


Re-organised disorder into harmony; 

Restoring order, our disorderly courts. 

Restarting afresh. Missions chaotic? Abort! 


Rejoice: O’ Virgo Regina for surviving 

Retrograde Mercury in Virgo. 


© Myke Kofi 2017 for 


[press release in The London Evening Standard, April 3rd, 2017] and viewable at: 

Photo Credit: Stocksy 



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