Maximize Your Monthly Cycle with the Power of the Moon

Our bodies are connected to the rhythms of nature and the cycles of the moon. So how can we get more in sync with the skies? Here’s how to find your flow using the four key lunar phases as a guide.

The lunar calendar is the one most widely used by various cultures, and it turns out, it’s not only the world’s timekeeper, but the human body’s too! We all have a “moon cycle” that affects our productivity, energy levels and moods. 

The moon takes 29.5 days to complete a full lunar “month,” roughly the same duration as a menstruating person’s 28-day cycle. Cisgender or non-menstruating men, on the other hand, go through a 24-hour cycle—much like the daily moonrise and moonset. Testosterone stores are replenished during sleep and generally depleted at the end of each day.

The body of a person who menstruates goes through four distinct hormonal trends every month. Yup—just like the moon, which also has four phases! Each phase makes these people especially good at a different kind of productivity. 

Some weeks they’re more creative; others are best used for planning. But understanding the monthly cycle through the metaphoric lens of the moon can be the ultimate lunar life hack. 

Note: The actual four moon phases don’t always sync up with the four weeks of the 28-day menstrual cycle. For example, a person might start their period during a quarter moon or ovulate on a new moon. But the similarities between lunar phases and menstrual cycle phases are striking, so use this as a metaphor for your “monthly moon.”

The visionaries at INTIMINA have essential support for every phase and age, from comfortable menstrual cups to weighted trainers for enhanced sensations during intimacy, to pelvic floor strengtheners that are also beneficial pre- and post-pregnancy preparation and recovery.

How your monthly cycle corresponds to the four lunar phases:


Like: The Menstrual Phase

Like the new moon, the menstrual phase is start of a brand-new cycle. The dark skies of the new moon are a lot like the “period pause” that necessitates a slower pace during menstruation. Sensitivities are heightened, allowing you to tap into your intuition and feelings. This reflective moment of renewal can help you initiate action from a self-authorized place. 

Try This:

For period protection that also protects the environment, try a reusable menstrual cup. With an average of 20 billion tampons and pads being dumped into landfills each year, this footprint lowering solution can really make a difference! INTIMINA’s Lily Cup™ line comes in a variety of fits like the Lily Cup One™ for first-time users or the collapsible Lily Cup Compact™ that slips into a small, protective case. The flat-fit Ziggy Cup™ is the first cup that can be worn during sex. Or try a few different solutions in one of INTIMINA’s bundles.


Like: The Follicular Phase

During the follicular phase, energy is building, making this a great time for action. Much like the waxing quarter moon growing bigger in the skies, plans and idea expand. Creative projects that were initiated during the prior week can really gain traction now!

Try This:

While you’re generating results in the world again, this is the perfect phase for doing some strength training—and that includes your pelvic floor. Working out this bundle of 14 muscles (as well as fasciae) is like preventative care for the everything from the physical impact of pregnancy and childbirth, urinary incontinence, constipation and painful sex. Yes, these are things people don’t usually talk about—but they can literally become a pain in the @$$ or lower back area if symptoms arise. Exercisers like the INTIMINA KegelSmart™ makes the prevention process easy with an automatic routine. Doing this for 5 minutes a day can deliver measurable improvement in 12 weeks.


Like: The Ovulation Phase

During ovulation, the body is at its most fertile—and fittingly, this is a moment meant for generating results! Similarly, full moons are prime time to manifest. This is the week to put your work out there. You’re an attractive force, so speak up, pitch, collaborate and shine! What will you “birth,” metaphorically?

Try This:

Time to level up! Since you’re feeling strong and ready to take on the world, why not add some heft to your self-care routine? While you shouldn’t overdo it, you can challenge yourself to move up incrementally. Try a weighted training solution for pelvic floor exercises, like INTIMINA’s Laselle™ Weighted Exercisers which allow for correct technique of lifting upwards and squeezing during Kegel exercises.


Like: The Luteal Phase

This “powering down” phase is all about completing tasks with laser focus. Like the waning quarter moon, light is dimming. Similarly, there’s an urgency to wrap things up during the luteal phase. The “balsamic” lunar phase happens in this week, 1-2 days before the new moon, when there’s only a tiny sliver of moonlight in the sky. We’ve long referred to the balsamic phase as “planetary PMS” since people tend to feel grouchy, tired and solitary on these days.

Try This:

As you’re counting down to your period, energy may wane, making this a good week to prep everything from comfort food to healthy snacks to your protection. Sanitize your period supplies with INTIMINA’s Intimate Accessory Cleaner so you’re ready to go with your flow when the cycle begins again. This phase may include some “dry days,” so adjust your diet to include foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids like salmon, raw pumpkin and sunflower seeds. INTIMINA’s Feminine Moisturizer is ultra-light, water-based and paraben free and super helpful during this phase.

Power through your 28-Day cycle using your Moon Sign!


In astrology, the moon dictates your moods, emotions and how you nurture yourself. Knowing your moon sign—AKA where the moon was at your time of birth—is a great guide for self-care during your period, a time when your body is most sensitive.

Don’t know your natal moon sign? Use our handy Moon Sign Calculator to find it! PS: You can read the horoscopes below for both your moon sign and your Sun sign (your “main” zodiac sign)—and your rising sign too if you wish!


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