Mercury will be retrograde for most of Mother’s Day 2023: 6 Do’s and Don’ts

Mercury turns direct in the last hour of Mother’s Day 2023 (at 11:17 PM EDT on May 14). But don’t let the messenger planet foil your plans! Here’s how.

Uh, happy Mercury retrograde Mother’s Day? *laugh/sob* The communication planet remains in reverse gear until 11:17 PM EDT on Sunday, May 14, which means we won’t be free of its signal-jamming effects for most of the day.

Mother’s Day 2023 is celebrated during Mercury retrograde

Keep the kid gloves on—and we’re not talking about the mittens your mom knitted for you when you were three. Feelings will be tender. Words will be easily misconstrued. This is a “better safe than sorry” kinda Mother’s Day 2023.

What sign is Mercury retrograde in for Mother’s Day?

Communication planet Mercury is in steadfast Taurus for the Spring 2023 Mercury retrograde.

Quick recap: On April 21, Mercury turned retrograde in Taurus, the earth sign that rules sensuality and our bodies. Taurus also governs everyday sensibilities, such as our budgets and self-care routines. (Remember, the 2023 Mother’s Day date is Sunday, May 14!)

Ethical Taurus is known for being stubborn and with messenger Mercury in reverse gear, no one’s been eager to budge on their beliefs. While it’s important to stand for our values, the uncompromising energy of the Spring Mercury retrograde has blockaded “warring factions” from unearthing creative win-wins.

Although this tense energy wages on until Sunday night, this doesn’t have to spell Mama Drama! Here’s how to wrap the retrograde around your gel-manicured finger so you can celebrate Mother’s Day 2023 in joyous style.

While Mercury is retrograde on Mother’s Day 2023…

Some essential Mother’s Day do’s and don’ts

Think of this as the alternative Mother’s Day gift guide 2023!

1. DO get nostalgic

The beauty of Mercury retrograde is that it does bring back blasts from the past—we’re talking positive nostalgia, here. Share happy memories this Mother’s Day and everyone could melt into a puddle of sentimental tears. (Ah, catharsis.) Did your family used to have picnics in a favorite neighborhood park? Was there a dish that your mom always baked for gatherings? Maybe you had a tradition of picking up cinnamon rolls and coffee from a small-batch bakery. Bring it on back for Mother’s Day 2023!

Are family memories locked up on now-inaccessible VHS tapes or DVDs? Here’s a tearjerker of a gift idea: Get them transferred onto USB drives or saved on the Cloud. If your mom is the photo album type, print out snaps that are sitting idly on your phone. With services like Shutterfly and Mixbook, it’s easy to turn them into a book of memories she can put on her coffee table.

2. But DON’T rehash childhood traumas

Let’s be honest: Motherhood is stressful and it doesn’t come with a rule book. We can all remember times that our moms said or did something that legit traumatized our childhood selves. We’d never suggest you sweep these unsettling moments under the rug, but hear us on this: Mercury retrograde is notorious for creating communication breakdowns. Rehashing those moments on Mother’s Day 2023 won’t likely bring a healing breakthrough.

For example, you think you’re liberating her from guilt by saying, “Mom, I forgive you for not putting me to bed at night during those years when you were finishing up your degree.”

With Mercury in reverse, she hears, “You were an inadequate, abandoning mother.” Not quite the ideal way to celebrate her, right? If you’re trying to patch over childhood pain, schedule another time than “mimosas with mom.”

That said, childhood trauma is real. If you’ve struggled to break a pattern, get the support you deserve from a mental health professional, in person or online, like BetterHelp.

3. Triple-check your rez

Scheduling snafus are part and parcel of Mercury’s thrice-annual retrogrades, so don’t ride on assumptions! Triple-check the time, address, and even the date of your reservation. For all you know, the brunch spot you booked has a second location across town. Soooo, are you sure everyone knows the correct meetup? Send out a text reminder to the fam with ALL the details and a map link—and confirm their attendance!

4. DO celebrate your own mothering style, by the stars

Whether or not you’ve given birth, we all have a mothering side. Maybe you’re a maternal figure for a younger relative or a mentee—or you’re a pet parent. Perhaps you’ve “given birth” to a business, a project, etc. How should you best nurture your “children” and tend to their development? We’ve got something for ya!

Momstrology is our No. 1 best-selling book about parenting by the stars. Where do you click and clash in your relationships? The stars reveal where you can learn about yourself, heal and deal, starting on Mother’s Day 2023!

Discover also our Parenting section of Astrostyle to read your zodiac sign horoscope for parenting, babies and kids, family dynamics, even your pets!

5. DON’T assume you know your mom’s favorite things

You know what they say about the word “assume,” right? If you don’t want to make “an ass out of u and me,” lean in to the Mercury retrograde rule: research, research, research! Look through the lens of your mom in 2023. Did she recently start a new hobby? Mention that she discovered a favorite new store or brand? Has her friend group changed? Trace her steps in your conversation to determine where along the way you could treat her, whether it’s a gift card or an appointment or a tool that supports her latest obsession.

6. DO give her a break from “mom things”

Not all gifts require money! Give her a break from the “mom things” she does around the house: cooking, laundry, yard work, etc. Whatever your mom is the go-to person for in making a household run, maybe you step in to give her a break from that task.

And listen up! Does your mom keep complaining about all the clutter in her home? Don’t give her one more thing to clean. An experiential gift can be just as meaningful as one that comes wrapped in paper and ribbons. Treat her to theater tickets, a flower arrangement workshop or a session with a personal stylist that can help her whittle down an overstuffed closet.

Oh wait, we saved the best Mother’s Day 2023 gift for last!

Pop the champers for a late-night toast! Mercury turns direct at 11:17 PM EDT on Mother’s Day 2023, which is good news for any night owl moms out there. *A real celebration once the kiddos are asleep!* If conversations went sideways while you were out getting pedicures, you don’t have to go to bed angry. Put in a late-night call to apologize. Even if you’d rather not wake mom up, she might be tossing and turning from the friction anyway.

And you can relax a little after this: the next Mercury retrograde doesn’t arrive until this summer! You can read all about the 2023 Mercury retrogrades here.

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