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What Your Mom REALLY Wants for Mother’s Day, by Zodiac Sign

Flowers, cards, jewelry…all nice things. But for Mother’s Day, we looked to every zodiac sign to reveal what the mom in your life REALLY wants.

Hint: It’s not a bunch of stuff she’ll have to KonMari away by Father’s Day. Sometimes, the best gift is telling an Aries mom “You were right” or spending quality time with the loving Libra who raised you. Read on for a Mother’s Day horoscope you can apply with ease.

The Aries Mom

Take her advice.

Supermom Aries wants nothing more than to hear these four words: “You were right, Mom.” So throw her a mother-knows-best bone. Aries rules the mind, which means that mom wants her savvy smarts to be appreciated (even more so than usual) today. Let her do things HER way for a change. Take her out—to her favorite restaurant or a movie in her genre of choice…especially the one you’ve been resistant to try. Because you never know…she could be on to something after all.

The Taurus Mom

Say it with flowers.

Nice ones from her favorite florist, please, arranged tastefully in a cool box. Present them with a few impeccably wrapped high-end gifts: scarves, jewelry, nice accessories. Visual and sensual Taurus is ruled by aesthetic Venus, so this traditional mom loves a beautiful presentation. This is one sign you can’t skimp on for Mother’s Day, so go designer—or at least, go decadent.

The Gemini Mom

Indulge in one of her hobbies.

Versatile Geminis have a million interests—books, music, films, trivia. Instead of habitually tuning out your Chatty Cathy of a mom, tune her in now. As the sign of the Twins, she loves to share information and discuss. Get two tickets for the show of her choosing, then analyze it over a fun meal afterward. Or, buy two copies of the same book you both want to read and call her to discuss as you devour.

The Cancer Mom

Book a family portrait session.

Say cheese! With the Cancer mom, you’re never too old to pose for a professional shot of the family—and the more generations involved, the better for mom. To avoid being immortalized in a yuppie setup (everyone barefoot in jeans and matching white oxfords…you know the deal), arrange a sitting with a creative photographer. Or heck, you could even send a snapshot to an artist and commission a painting.

The Leo Mom

Play dress-up with her.

Broadway, here we come! The Leo mama loves to hit the town with her lion cubs, so pull out the formalwear…and all the stops. Start with an early Mother’s Day brunch, then head to a Mama Mia matinee (or some other blockbuster musical). While you’re still humming “Dancing Queen,” finish with some disco fries and a giant hot fudge sundae at the diner—in your pearls or suit-and-tie—since theatrical Leo mom loves to do both high and low in a single day.

The Virgo Mom

Sit down for a real conversation.

The Virgo mom loves to talk—and not just idle chitchat either. She wants to know your hopes, dreams and opinions—and of course, to share a few of her own. Book a day of undistracted quality time with her. Find a fancy hotel that serves high tea where you can hear her thoughts on life over petit fours and fragrant blends. Let her fuss over you a little—but grab the check before she tries to pay it, since the Virgo mom loves to give, but isn’t always comfortable receiving.

The Libra Mom

Treat her to a day of beauty.

The lovely Libra mom savors all the pretty things in life. Treat her to all the traditional trappings: flowers, a spa trip, a special brunch, and all the Hallmark trimmings. Give her an occasion to get dressed up—and don’t forget the card! Sentimental Libra will treasure your Mother’s Day tributes forever. Tell her how much she means to you, and all the reasons why. 

The Scorpio Mom

Bond with one of your unique “mom and me” pastimes.

You know those favorite activities that you shared with your mom as a kid? Maybe it was taking a bike ride to your favorite little picnic spot, getting mani-pedis, or baking chocolate-chip banana bread and eating the whole loaf while it was still warm. Whatever it is: do that! As the sign of one-on-one bonding, the Scorpio mom cherishes those special things that only the two of you understand: inside jokes, little rituals, decadent splurges a deux. Remind her that she’s irreplaceable by reenacting those beloved memories. 

The Sagittarius Mom

A day of adventure—with or without you.

The spontaneous Sagittarius mama is always multi-tasking, so take her away from her to-do list and off for a day of fun. Whether you head out into nature or go the “urban explorer” route, she’ll love getting away for an unstructured day of discovery. Hint: if she’s a newer mom, the independent Sag might appreciate having a few of those hours all to herself, where she can let her own inner compass guide her, and explore without having to answer to anyone but herself.

The Capricorn Mom

Take over her duties.

The Capricorn mama works hard, so give her a day—or a week!—off. Whatever task she toils over, take it out of her hands. Gardening, cleaning the house, walking the dog…maybe you do it for her, but even better, how about hiring a service to handle this chore for six months to a year? She may grumble for a minute, but when she comes home to crisp sheets or an impeccable yard, this dutiful mama might finally put her feet up and let herself enjoy some much-deserved rest.

The Aquarius Mom

Road trip!

Spontaneous and nomadic, the Aquarius mom loves the unexpected. Rent a car or pick her up, then go explore a town a couple of hours away. Whether you collect shells on the beach then go to a quaint little crab shack, or drive into the big city, she’ll love being your co-adventurer on this Mother’s Day quest. Feel free to surprise her, too—Aquarius is the sign of the unexpected, so she’ll enjoy the thrill of anticipation.

The Pisces Mom

Gush a little, would you?

Stock up on the tissues and let the tearjerker moments begin! Raise a bellini (or three) to your Pisces mom, and acknowledge all the sacrifices she’s made for you. Don’t hold back on the effusive praise because let’s face it, she’s been there for you like nobody else. It doesn’t take much to make this mushy mama misty-eyed. But go a little over the top anyway—the Pisces mom loves a glamorous setting!

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