2017 Forecast: New Year’s Resolutions for Every Star Sign

#BossGoals! 2017 is almost here (and not a moment too soon!) and we’ve got your New Year’s Resolutions by the stars for all twelve signs. It’s time to dream big…and set our grandest plans in motion.

Capricorn season is ideal for setting powerful and driven intentions for the new year. Bonus: the Capricorn new moon earlier this week on the 29th, illuminated our most cherished dreams and gave us a head start on our resolution making. Capricorn is the star sign of outsized ambition—the zodiac’s motivator who gets the job done right.

But don’t get frustrated if your big ventures don’t immediately launch into the stratosphere. Instead of pacing anxiously or obsessing, use this cycle to tighten up your game, and even to explore other avenues or options.

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Below are your star-powered New Year’s Resolutions for every star sign to align with your goals in 2017. And be sure to check out your 2017 horoscope overview too!

Aries resolutions: 

You’re a solo star, but in 2017, dynamic duos will thrive. Evolve your current partnerships or seek new ones. Practice compromise instead of insisting on having it all on your terms or doing everything yourself.

Taurus resolutions: 

Healthy hedonism? In 2017, curb your indulgent streak and nip toxic habits. Find adventure in fitness, clean eating and the outdoors. Explore new work opportunities or upgrade your skills to position yourself better.

Gemini resolutions:

Gemini’s got talent—and the spotlight is yours! Use it wisely to express your creative gifts. Romantic risks can pay off, so take a chance in love. Revamp confining commitments or make more effort to spend quality time.

Cancer resolutions:

Domestic diva time! You could renovate, move or start a home-based business. A pregnancy is possible. Managing stress is crucial: Carve time for exercise, get enough sleep, outsource tasks to capable pros. 

Leo resolutions:

Your words and ideas matter, so speak up! Put energy into writing, teaching or studying in 2017. Use social media to spread a message. Team up with a kindred spirit or get more involved in your community.

Virgo resolutions:

Value yourself and the money will follow. In 2017, dare to ask for that raise or higher rates. If you’re bored at work, take a chance and seek new opportunities, even ones that involve relocation.

Libra resolutions:

Put yourself first! With lucky Jupiter in your sign, 2017 challenges your relationship-driven sign to fly solo more and play the star instead of best supporting actor. You could write, teach or do public speaking.

Scorpio resolutions:

Focus on closure, healing and forgiveness work. You’re ending a 12-year cycle, clearing the way for a new one that starts October 2017. Art, spirituality and travel could soothe your soul. Yoga retreat, anyone?

Sagittarius resolutions:

In 2017, it’s about WHO you know, so expand your network, join a mastermind and seek inspiring new friendships. You may be reinventing part of your life from the ground up. Patience and persistence pay off.

Capricorn resolutions:

Your career is in the spotlight, so go for that big opportunity, promotion or stable new gig. Evolve your relationship with your father or an important male. Work with a coach, expert or mentor.

Aquarius resolutions:

Nurture your inner nomad as 2017’s boho-chic stars urge you to expand through travel, learning and metaphysical pursuits. You could launch an entrepreneurial venture or publish your original ideas.

Pisces resolutions:

Time to merge? The eclipse in your intimate eighth house could spark a joint venture, bring a sexy soulmate or unleash some powerful emotions.

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