How Pisces Season Will Help You Heal and Feel

Sweet surrender! Pisces season begins February 18 as the Sun transitions into this ethereal, enchanted sign. This divinely inspired cycle lasts until March 20. It helps us cultivate compassion and move forward with our most creative ideas.

The Sun visits a new zodiac sign every thirty days or so. During each “season” everyone feels the influence of the prevailing astrological energy. Here are six ways to hone your healing gifts while the zodiac’s deep-diving fish directs attention to what lies beneath.

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1. Look beyond the surface. 

Do you believe in magic? The dreamy vibes of Pisces season can make the most hardened cynic want to enroll in Hogwarts Academy. Ruled by hazy Neptune, Pisces is a master of illusions, so take nothing at face value! Although the reality bends can be befuddling, consider this an opportune window for exploring what lies beyond your five senses. Give credence to your intuition, spiritual experiences and serendipities that are so striking they seem to arrive as a message from an angel.

Since you probably can prove these things on paper, don’t waste time arguing with the self-proclaimed “logical one” in your family. But if something feels resoundingly true to you, it’s worth considering. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to resonate with a book that the author channeled from a thousand-year-old deity or to consult your oracle deck before making a major life move. Go ahead and enjoy the messages of Abraham that flow through Esther Hicks or let that Wheel of Fortune card confirm your cross-country move. That said, it’s a good idea to fact-check any assumptions, especially if money or wellness prescriptions are involved! It’s one thing to be skeptical (someone who considers all possibilities with oneeyebrow raised) and quite another to be gullible—the twin pitfall of Pisces season.

2. Open up your third eye chakra.

Your higher, intuitive self always know what is best for yourself, and the third eye chakra, located at the forehead between the eyebrows, is often called the gateway to your intuition or sixth sense. Sparking this can help to clarify your purpose and enhance your creativity. But like all chakras, the third eye portal can become blocked. This may cause you to second-guess yourself and make ego-based decisions that can lead to unfulfilling results. You can help re-open your third eye by working with an energy healer or through your own meditation practice. Basic yoga poses, like forward folds, help to release tension in the shoulders and flush the pineal gland—which from an energetic standpoint can block the flow of energy into the third eye.

3. Remember that water is life.

Neptune, the mythical god of the seas is Pisces’ galactic guardian. During this season the health of our oceans and water supplies becomes an ever-more crucial focus. It can be hard to digest some of the scary facts about melting polar ice-caps and rising sea levels. But the old chestnut rings true, “Knowledge is power.” If you’ve been avoiding these “inconvenient truths,” NASA’s climate website has an extensive teaching tools that are presented more factually than emotionally.

While no one can singlehandedly save the planet, you can add to the collective efforts to protect our aquatic resources. As much as possible, eliminate the use of plastic, which often winds up dumped in the ocean (yes, even if you tossed that bottle into your recycling bin) to be ingested by fish, in turn, polluting the food chain. Carry a refillable bottle for your H2O—heck turn this into a decadent ritual with one of these crystal-embedded Gem Water sippers.

Looking for a place to make a difference during this charitable solar season? With millions of people around the world lacking access to safe, clean drinking wells, an organization like Charity Water might be the best recipient for a monthly donation.

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4. Be like poetry in motion.

Give the muse a seat at your table—and invite her into the recording studio and your dreams! Pisces season is like an extended vision quest, a time where the veil is thin and we can pick up “messages” from the ether. Sit down with a notebook and see what flows out of your subconscious. Known for its poetic prowess, this solar cycle could turn you into a regular Ntozake Shange or Elizabeth Barrett Browning! Keep a journal on the nightstand too, as Pisces season can enrich our sleep and deliver divinely inspired messages through our dreams.

If you’re feeling blocked, check out Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way, a legendary guidebook for embracing your creative self. One of the most game-changing exercises is the practice of writing “Morning Pages.” This entails taking pen to paper first thing in the A.M. to free-write three pages of unfiltered thoughts. You’ll be amazed at how therapeutic this practice can be—and how many hidden gems get unmoored from the recesses of your mind in the process.

Expect this to be a therapeutic process, too! Pisces is symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions, making February 18 to March 20 a time to rise into higher planes AND go rolling in the deep. Don’t judge your work or try to achieve a masterpiece. Just make art for art’s sake…or healing’s sake! Watch for addictive tendencies during this cycle too, since Pisces can be prone to falling back on bad habits. Reach for artist’s tools when the urge to self-soothe strikes. Adult coloring books have risen to popularity as a cathartic form of self-expression—or maybe just a way to keep our hands busy. We’ve become new fans of the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil’s simulated artist-style pens and brushes and have incorporated them into our note-taking!

5. Release an old grudge.

Let it go, let it go? As the twelfth sign of the zodiac, Pisces governs the things we need to release—if only to lighten our own psychic loads. Have you been hauling around a grudge or painful tale of woe like an albatross? The Pisces Sun can illuminate places where we’ve fallen into a victim mentality and need to change our tunes.

That’s not to invalidate legit wounds and emotions. The question is, can you reframe these experiences as soul lessons and a source of inner strength? Turn to healing circles, therapists, shamans and coaches—the experts who can help you view things through a more empowering lens. Your “wounds” may evolve into healing gifts, allowing you to one day support someone going through a similar struggle.

Is it time to extend the olive branch? Forgiveness, by Gandhi’s definition, is “an attribute of the strong.” It’s also a gift that you can give yourself during Pisces season, along with heavy doses of compassion. That doesn’t mean you have to invite every offending party back into your life or soften boundaries that need to be in place. But it does mean accepting people (and situations) for all that they are and all that they are not, and finding some divine serenity therein.

6. Let yourself romanticize, too.

Despite all the intensity of Pisces season, it’s also one of the most romantic and glamorous times of the year.  Get ready for an early round of spring fever! Rose-colored glasses and hearts worn on sleeves are always in fashion from February 18 to March 20. Caveat: Piscean energy can be so up-in-the-clouds that you can sometimes forget to bring yourself back down to earth! Periodic reality checks would be a wise idea—and at least three wing(wom)men to run your wilder schemes by. But don’t be so hard-nosed that you fail to enjoy the amorous vibes that Pisces season brings! Relationships can deepen when you dare to be vulnerable.


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