Your Saturn in Pisces Horoscope for The 3-Year, Reality Melting Transit

Here’s a cosmic riddle for you: What happens when the planet of visibility tucks into the zodiac sign of invisibility? We’re about to find out starting March 7, 2023, as clear-eyed Saturn gets enveloped in Pisces’ fog. Here’s your Saturn in Pisces horoscope for every zodiac sign.

Get ready to go (and grow) with a new kind of flow. Structured Saturn departs heady Aquarius on March 7, where it’s been since March 21, 2020, and shifts uncomfortably into unstructured Pisces until February 13, 2026.

Is this a big deal? Absolutely! The ringed taskmaster paints on the Piscean canvas for the first time since May 21, 1993 to April 7, 1996!

For the next three years, Saturn will put clear boundaries around our compassionate hearts, reminding us to empower rather than enable. Translation: It’s okay to ask your high-functioning roommate to do their dishes or to train your coworker in Canva 101 so you don’t have to keep being their graphic design rescue team.

Both Saturn and Pisces are associated with karma in different ways. Restrictive Saturn in this imaginative and spiritual sign could be challenging for artists, creatives and healers. On the plus side, it will separate the real-deal practitioners from the untrained charlatans, forcing everyone to step up their spiritual game. (So maybe don’t use Chat GPT to write your novel?)

Bottom line: Things are going to get weird at times, and that’s…okay. The three-year Saturn in Pisces cycle, which lasts until February 13, 2026, will melt tangible reality into virtual reality like the clock in Salvador Dalí’s “The Persistence of Memory.

We have your Saturn in Pisces horoscope and forecast for your Sun sign, below. If you know your rising sign (ascendant), you may also read this forecast for that. Calculate your rising sign here.

Your Saturn in Pisces horoscope for the three-year transit that begins March 7, 2023

Read the Saturn in Pisces horoscope for both your Sun sign and rising sign, if you wish

Aries (March 21-April 19) Saturn in Pisces horoscope

Epic cosmic news comes on Tuesday, March 7, and this longer cycle is your first formal invitation to ease off the throttle. While you may indeed get more done in a week than mere mortals can accomplish in a month, at what cost to you? If you realize you’ve taken on more than you can realistically handle, find a gracious way to get out of it or extend the deadline. Your body and mind are ready for a break, and you could see a light at the end of tunnel for your Saturn in Pisces horoscope, beginning March 7.

Taskmaster Saturn leaves Aquarius and your communal eleventh house, kicking off a three-year retreat in Pisces and your relaxing, introspective twelfth house. Between now and February 13, 2026, this cycle will slowly and steadily shift your priorities and teach you the subtleties of working the Law of Attraction. And once you get good at utilizing this kind of practical magic, you may never chase down anything (or anyone) ever again! You’ll see how essential to your success it is to establish the right emotional space—at least as necessary as the act of pursuing a goal.

During this internally focused phase, spending more time in solitude and nature will support you in doing your best work. Some Aries might leave the urban hustle or enjoy more time at friends’ rustic getaways. On a personal emotional level, if you’ve put off grieving a loss or processing a deep hurt, you might be forced to do so in the coming year or so. This is a great time to do deep inner work with a mentor, coach or therapist to clear blocks and open you up to new ways of thinking about your life and provide the support to make necessary changes.

Taurus (April 20-May 20) Saturn in Pisces horoscope

Step away from the work computer—or spreadsheets and reports—and make an appearance! Your social life is poised for a big leap forward starting on Tuesday, March 7, as goal-oriented Saturn relocates to Pisces for three years, hitting the gas on your networking and interpersonal connections.

For the past three years, the ringed taskmaster has been in Aquarius, at a difficult angle to your Sun sign. There, it held the bar high in your professional life. You may have struggled in a certain job or floundered a bit searching for a satisfying career path. Along the way, you’ve paid your dues and earned your credentials the hard way. It probably wasn’t fun, but in hindsight, you will soon recognize how that phase forged you in steel.

Now you can blast ahead and build on those teachings by putting them into practice. Saturn will be holding court here until February 13, 2026, and since the drill sergeant of the zodiac doesn’t rush through anything, you will have three years to materialize these visions. The nicest part is that now, with this people-oriented area activated, you won’t feel alone. You’re a Bull with a plan, and you won’t have the patience to cover for lazy slackers. But if you’re ready to assemble a dream team of superheroes who are willing and able to join your world-bettering mission, then your Saturn in Pisces horoscope says: let the recruitment begin!

Gemini (May 21-June 20) Saturn in Pisces horoscope

To the top! You’re not lacking for goals, Gem, but starting Tuesday, March 7, your attention will turn to the loftiest of the lot—the kind that give your life meaning AND can put your name on the map. On that day, taskmaster Saturn leaves Aquarius, where it’s been for nearly three years, and relocates to Pisces and your house of professional success and status until February 13, 2026.

As they say, this is not a dress rehearsal. The time has arrived to step into a career that’s less about “paycheck” and more about “calling.” Already on that path? Perfect! Your Saturn in Pisces horoscope supports you in building an empire that supports others on their journeys while creating a lasting legacy for yourself. Saturn only returns to this zone every 29.5 years, and each pass presents another opportunity to gaze into the future and determine which skills or connections are needed to get you where you want to be.

Sidenote: Saturn in Pisces forms a challenging 90-degree angle to your Sun sign, so this probably won’t be a quick and painless ascent. One of Saturn’s most valuable teachings is that, if you step up and humbly embrace the learning curve, you could leap into a new league of self-mastery and leadership. You might surprise yourself by accepting a traditional job or joining a start-up so you can learn the ropes of a growth industry. If you’re self-employed, 2023 is a perfect time to raise your rates. Even if that “costs” you a few clients in the short term, you’re building a new business model and opening space for more exciting (and profitable) ones to come in.

Cancer (June 21-July 22) Saturn in Pisces horoscope

Patience, Cancer! If ever there was a time to call upon your inborn tolerance, it’s now. On Tuesday, March 7, Saturn, the traditional “lord of time” changes sign, relocating from Aquarius to Pisces and your expansive ninth house for the next three years.

If you’ve been keeping a grand plan under wraps, it may ALMOST be time for your big reveal! You don’t want to do this prematurely, however, so if you’ve waited this long, hold out just a little longer until it’s actually, finally ready. And what comes from this next step will also require enough persistence and forbearance to properly “ripen.”

Over the next three years, Saturn can take your game global, whether that involves extending your reach or client base or you personally relocating—or getting back in an adventurous travel groove. If you don’t have a vision for your next phase of operation (personal or professional), start the blue-sky-dreaming NOW so you’ll be much closer to pulling the metaphoric trigger when opportunity finds you.

The ninth house has an amusing way of throwing a wrench into overly rigid plans, so your Saturn in Pisces horoscope calls for you to take a little preventive action. Keep an open mind about potential partners, destinations and even who your market is. Saturn’s results don’t come overnight, but as a persistent Cancer, you’ve learned to be okay with that. If you realize you’re lacking some essential skills or could use a refresher, research trainings and certification programs that can bring you up to speed!

Leo (July 23-August 22) Saturn in Pisces horoscope

News alert! On Tuesday, March 7, structured, future-oriented Saturn relocates to Pisces and your eighth house of eroticism and intimacy, and for the next three years, you won’t be willing to settle for “good enough.” This protracted transit will strengthen your resolve to find something real or, if you’re involved with someone, to turn it into the kind of relationship that can go the distance. It makes sense that your attention will be on committed and reciprocal partnerships with the planet of tough love and maturity churning things up in your eighth house for the coming three years.

Traditionalist Saturn thinks in terms of black or white—no ambiguity!—and it’s got a curriculum for imparting those lessons between now and February 13, 2026. So if you’re serious about getting serious, your Saturn in Pisces horoscope calls for making some sacrifices in the short run for your long-term happiness.

Of course, since the eighth house rules seduction and sexuality, before YOU can commit for keeps, you might need to get a few things out of your system. But give Saturn half a chance to teach you about the sacred art of lovemaking—not merely as a contact sport but as a way to merge souls. (We’re talking kundalini flowing, Tantric practices… and maybe a little leather and lace thrown in to keep things interesting.)

For the past three years, Saturn was in Aquarius and your partnership house, often turning relationships into uncomfortable mirrors. But anything that came in then evaporated was hardly a “failure”; reframe those interludes as steps on the learning curve—and get ready to apply those teachings to whatever comes up now and over the next three years!

Virgo (August 23-September 22) Saturn in Pisces horoscope

When “playing for keeps” Saturn slides into Pisces on Tuesday, March 7, it will bring a new wave of commitment energy to your seventh house of partnership. Saturn hasn’t visited this area since 1993-96, so this will be a thrilling first for some Virgos!

After “wreaking order” (as opposed to chaos) in your sixth house of systems, service and self-care for three years, the planet of structure and discipline relocates to your relationship corner, where it makes your personal business its business until February 13, 2026. This can bring a solid mate into your life, shore up anything wobbly—or help you cut bait on something that’s been going nowhere for far too long. In the process, this will shift your priorities and teach you valuable lessons about the care and feeding of a lasting union.

If you’re in an LTR, your Saturn in Pisces horoscope calls for deepening the bond and taking a significant next step, whether that’s living together, getting engaged or hitched, or starting (or expanding) a family. Because the “tough teacher” of the zodiac will be opposing your natal Sun during this transit, you may come to see firsthand how relationships are the ultimate mirror. So before you can create the union of your dreams, you need to fall (back) in love with yourself so that you can be sure to attract a high-vibe partner!

Libra (September 23-October 22) Saturn in Pisces horoscope

Personal-trainer planet Saturn makes a significant move on Tuesday, March 7, which can be both a challenge and a promise to help you get your glow-up. The cosmic taskmaster has been trudging through Aquarius and your fifth house of romance and creativity for the past three years, and this week, it pulls up stakes there and relocates to Pisces and your wellness zone until February 13, 2026.

Saturn doesn’t rush, and it doesn’t take shortcuts—nor will it let YOU. In fact, the ringed taskmaster’s got some ideas about how you can make significant shifts over the next three years. Initially, your pleasure-seeking sign may balk—giving up favorite treats and sweating profusely is not your preferred methodology—but once you sign on, you will be thrilled with the results.

You don’t have to tell the world what you’re up to. Your Saturn in Pisces horoscope calls for you to keep pressure and “perfectionism” at bay by making this a semi-private mission. Start with the easy steps first, like adding healthier ingredients to your repertoire and experimenting with different exercise or movement until you find a few you will enjoy doing.

Since the sixth house rules work, service and organization, you can start to tackle the chaos in your life with smart and streamlined systems. It’s your self-care sector too, and over the next three years of this Saturn cycle, you will come to embrace efficiency, tame the stress monster and treat your body like the temple it is.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21) Saturn in Pisces horoscope

Starting Tuesday, March 7, “happily ever after” may come to include a few plot twists and turns—but don’t worry, they’ll be spaced out over the next three YEARS. That’s the day that commitment-loving Saturn arrives in Pisces and your fifth house of fun, romance, passion and creativity. (For the record, it was last here from 1993-96 and won’t return for another 30 years after this cycle, so your Saturn in Pisces horoscope calls for definitely making the most of this transit!)

Whether you’re solidly attached, staunchly single or somewhere in between, between now and February 13, 2026, you’ll be setting the stage for a whole new approach to love. And the main prerequisite for this next chapter? Self-acceptance and self-love. Because the truth behind any fantasy, Scorpio, is that no galloping royal can “save” you.

Only you can bring more pleasure, joy and self-care into your life. When you’re aligned with THAT, it’ll be impossible not to automatically fire up your fierce seductive powers and attract a loving partner—or shapeshift your current union into the kind you want. Already “there?” Is it time to expand the family? The fifth house is also your fertility zone, so if babymaking is on your brain, clear out your calendar and take the mission seriously!

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21) Saturn in Pisces horoscope

After three long years of riding herd in your communication sector, taskmaster Saturn stampedes out of Aquarius and your third house of socializing, expression and local activities on Tuesday, March 7. Next up? The normally reserved planet nuzzles into Pisces and your domestic fourth until February 13, 2026.

Hopefully, you’ve had plenty of fun and cultural enlightenment with friends and neighbors—maybe you launched a podcast over the last couple years? (If not, get started on that from the comfort of your “home studio.”) For the coming few years, your Saturn in Pisces horoscope calls for your top priority to revolve around getting your home and personal life where you want them.

Which begs the question: What, exactly, do you want to create in those all-important areas of life? As the planet of organization, discipline and structure, Saturn CAN help you accomplish your goals. But don’t expect them to necessarily be easy or fun to pull off. There may well be some “releasing” and loss involved for you to call in a new vision.

Your sign has a well-earned reputation as the nomad and adventurer of the zodiac, yet during this cycle, many an Archer will seek to put down roots, which could mean moving in with a romantic partner, committing to a savings plan for a home of your own, or perhaps relocating to a new zip code—or time zone!

Between March 7, 2023, and February 13, 2026, you can make some desired shifts in some of your closest ties, particularly your family. If you’ve felt distanced from them, consider beginning the reconciliation process during this Saturn cycle—or put up strong boundaries around truly toxic people. Your home needs to be your sanctuary now, Sagittarius, so take steps to make that a reality.

Capricorn (December 22-January 19) Saturn in Pisces horoscope

On Tuesday, March 7, your very own galactic guardian—tough-lovin’ Saturn—leaves your second house of finances and security after an arduous three years. For the next three years, the personal-trainer planet guides you through a whole new cycle as it lumbers through Pisces and your expressive and interactive third house.

Now your attention can move away from bean-counting and belt-tightening and turn to friends, socializing and local goings-on. Hopefully, your fiscal austerity plan worked and you’re in far better shape than when the taskmaster planet entered this zone three years ago. You’ve racked up some hard-earned lessons and paid your dues, and now you’re poised to reap the rewards.

The perhaps unexpected benefit of all this sweat equity is that you’ve developed a new appreciation for money, especially the empowering things it can bring. Give your budget another review: How much cushion have you built in for the kind of glamour and luxury a Capricorn heart craves? With Saturn holding court in your collaborative third house until February 13, 2026, you might explore a partnership with serious moneymaking potential.

Your Saturn in Pisces horoscope spotlights your communication skills and over the next three years, you’ll sharpen them. Hire a coach (or editor) to bring you up to that level. During this Saturn cycle, your social network could undergo a drastic transformation. Don’t focus on friendships that don’t go the distance. Consider this a perfect opportunity to spend more time in the company of accomplished people whose influence inspires you to rise to a higher income bracket. When it comes to friends, Saturn coaches you to value quality over quantity!

Aquarius (January 20-February 18) Saturn in Pisces horoscope

Tuesday, March 7, brings an unspeakably exciting galactic gift—and we predict it’s going to be one of the best presents you’ll receive in 2023. After three demanding years in your sign, taskmaster Saturn FINALLY leaves Aquarius and moves on to Pisces and your second house of security, finances and values. Since the ringed taskmaster first entered your sign (March 21, 2020), you may have experienced its presence as an endurance test as you slogged through one tough lesson after another since.

And now for the good news in your Saturn in Pisces horoscope: Starting on March 7, you may begin to feel 100 pounds lighter as the heavenly heavyweight leaves Aquarian in the rearview and makes its move. As eager as you no doubt are to wave buh-bye, take a moment to acknowledge all the dues you’ve paid, sacrifices you’ve made—and especially the personal growth that’s the real byproduct of this long cycle. It may not have been possible to assess your progress while you were in the middle of it. But now, as Saturn pulls away, the shifts and maturation may become clear.

Once Saturn enters Pisces and your second house, where it stays until February 13, 2026, you can get your financial matters in order, come up with some important goals, create a game plan, then employ the discipline and ability to delay gratification in the name of those long-range ambitions. Reflect on ways you can parlay your lessons of the past few years into profitable opportunities.

If you follow Saturn’s prompts over the next three years, you can look forward to slow but steady growth. You might decide to hire a consultant to uplevel your skills or learn about a new industry from a pro-level mentor. Knowing you, Water Bearer, you won’t be able to give up ALL your creature comforts—but it should be easier to avoid mindless spending and gain more command over how you fork over your hard-earned cash.

Pisces (February 19-March 20) Saturn in Pisces horoscope

Your next Major Phase of Life begins on March 7, 2023, Pisces, and whether you’re ready for it or not, it’s gonna be game-changing! Falling on the same day as the full moon, disciplined and future-oriented Saturn pulls up stakes in Aquarius and your introspective twelfth house—where its been for almost three years—and relocates to Pisces and your first house of identity until February 13, 2026.

The cosmic drill sergeant hasn’t visited your sign since 1993-96, so this truly is a huge deal. This cycle is about growing, stretching and adulting in ways you’ve never experienced. While it may feel like you’re in boot camp some days, trust that your strength-training efforts will pay off, turning you from student to master.

All the changes and upleveling this transit offers won’t happen overnight (Saturn is slow and deliberate), so your Saturn in Pisces horoscope calls for you to be patient as you initiate important and necessary changes. But in three years’ time, trust us, you WILL look back and recognize massive growth, the kind that isn’t always fun in the moment but is exactly what’s required for you to become your strongest, smartest—and more successful—self.

Even if every step of the way feels like a personal challenge, hang in there! This is where you gain the most on a soul level! See if you can reframe those obstacles and pain points as opportunities. And if you know going in that you won’t be able to cut corners or phone it in, you may actually embrace the hard work and self-discipline superimposed structures that are Saturn’s stock in trade. You may curse Saturn for pushing you so hard in the moment, but you will lay flowers at this planet’s rings when you crush those epic goals.

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