Unlock Your Power With These Scorpio Full Moon Ritual Ideas

scorpio full moon ritual

Under the sizzling Scorpio full moon, emotions can run deep and surprise with their intensity. These Scorpio full moon ritual ideas help you unlock your power.

by The AstroTwins

The alchemical Scorpio full moon can help us transform our buried fears into pure power. But first, we may have to plunge into the shadows. Once we excavate the source of our pain, we can release it…at last.

Scorpio Full Moon Ritual: Revenge Role Playing

Listen, people: As much as we all want to be enlightened and namaste, there are things in life that make our blood boil! Suppressing “negative feelings” isn’t in anyone’s highest good. The universe is made up of polarities. To elevate to bliss, we must be in touch with our deep sadness; in order to feel true love, we must risk heartbreak. Neither emotion is better or worse, they coexist as a pair.

Since Scorpio is the sign that rules revenge, this ritual is a bit of an “exorcism.” It allows us to release pent-up feelings from our psyches and cleanse our energetic fields in the process.

It’s time to role-play one of your revenge fantasies! Partner up with a trusted confidante for this exercise, someone loyal and empathetic who won’t judge you for unleashing your inner Darth Vader. You act as an avatar for each other’s worst enemies here, get all that wrath out of your systems. Devote an hour to this exercise and make time after to regroup and re-center (you may feel a lightheaded from releasing all that energy).

Spend a few minutes talking to your partner about your nemesis: describe their personality, mannerisms and qualities you find disturbing. Then, set a timer for 15 minutes. As your partner role-plays your enemy, let yourself say it all. Scream, (swear?), and tell them how much they hurt you. Feelings may verge on violent, so consider using a baseball bat and a large cushion. When emotions erupt physically, pick up the bat and beat the pillow. We promise it’s an an epic release!

When the timer ends, take three deep inhalations through your nose and exhale powerfully from your belly each time, making a “ha!” sound as you do. Spend at least five minutes debriefing with your partner. How was the experience for you? Step outside for some fresh air and wait at least fifteen minutes before trading places and doing the exercise in reverse roles.

Other ritual ideas:

  • Trim your hair (“snip off” stale energy that’s lingering in your locks)
  • Dress in sultry black, the Scorpio color—or try a noir nail polish or lip color
  • Treat yourself to an erotic novel or toy, or some warming massage oil
  • Clean out your social media lists; unfriending people you haven’t talked to in years or who have betrayed you or hurt you. You don’t have to make it all better. Sometimes it’s best to just move on.

Photo credit: Marija Strajnic via Stocksy