Starstruck: 2020 Astrology Summit (Alice Sparkly Kat)

Alice Sparkly Kat & The AstroTwins

The Planetary Is Political: Astrology as an Agent for Self-Actualization

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About Alice Sparkly Kat:

For a new generation, the astrology chart has become more than a mere divination tool. It’s an access point to self-discovery and, for marginalized communities, can be a common language through which to explore identity and find a place in the world. Ophi sits down with astrologer and community organizer Alice Sparkly Kat to explore: How can an astrology reading provide healing for people who experience discrimination and bring people together across divisions?

Alice Sparkly Kat is a queer astrologer of color with four years of experience in individual consultation, lectures, workshops, and writing. They use astrology to speculate on the ways culture inhabits biology. To them, astrology is a process of imagining the cultural alien through the metaphor of outer space.

This work has inhabited MoMA, Philadelphia Museum of Art, and Hauser and Wirth. Their Astrology and Storytelling book (for sale on their website) is a workbook where readers write a work of fiction based on what the sky looked like at the time and place of their birth. Follow them on Instagram at @alicesparklykat for memes and other ephemeral content or read through their website at for astrological lessons, articles, worksheets, and other resources.