Starstruck: 2020 Astrology Summit (Leisa Schaim)

Leisa Schaim & The AstroTwins

Your Personal Birthday Year: Planning Your Key Focus in 2020 with Profections

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About Leisa Schaim:

Did you know that every year of your life is guided by one of the zodiac’s 12 houses, based on your age? Learn a simple and spot-on technique called “annual profections” from Hellenistic astrologer Leisa Schaim, as she shows Tali how to plan your 2020 with this timeless tool.

Leisa Schaim is a consulting astrologer who combines modern and ancient approaches to make sense of what underlies everyday existence, with a particular focus on timing and the concrete topics of life. Leisa provides the monthly elections (best astrological dates/times to do important things) for The Astrology Podcast and co-hosts The Auspicious Elections Podcast. She co-organizes the Denver Astrology Group and served as Presiding Officer of the Association for Astrological Networking (AFAN). Leisa was one of the organizers for the worldwide United Astrology Conference 2018, and received AFAN’s award for exceptional service to the astrological community.


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