Starstruck: 2020 Astrology Summit (Mecca Woods)

Mecca Woods & The AstroTwins

Rituals and Practices for Divine Self-Care in 2020

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About Mecca Woods:

As we move into a fast-paced and demanding decade, staying centered will take more self-care than ever. Mecca Woods talks to Ophi about daily practices and rituals each zodiac sign can do to align with the 2020 planetary cycles and transits.

After applying the principles of astrology to improve my own life and studying extensively, I began work to help others to claim and create a life they truly want by teaching them how to better tap into their natural-born gifts. Some of my featured appearances include Bustle, Essence, Girlboss, and Refinery 29. I’ve also been the host for TLC’s Stargazing and currently co-host the astrology podcast Stars On Fire. Additionally, I’ve taught workshops in the US and abroad on astrology and personal development. My books, Astrology For Happiness and Success and the Cosmic Coloring Book series (Adams Media) are on shelves now.


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