Starstruck: 2020 Astrology Summit (Miz Chartreuse)

Miz Chartreuse & The AstroTwins

Mastering the Miracle: Your 2020 Cosmo-practic Adjustment with mizChartreuse

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About Miz Chartreuse:

Through her studies of A Course In Miracles, astrologer Miz Chartreuse of The Venus Academy, has developed a practice of connecting mind, body and spirit. In this rich conversation with Tali, she explores the way this “triune” can be used to navigate larger cosmic themes that are emerging in 2020 including forgiveness, transcendence and finding connection in difficult relationships.

HeadMIZtress of The Venus Academy, mizChartreuse guides seekers of healthy relationships to transformation. Her book, ‘The Yoni Egg Shadow Integration Workbook: your 28-day Astrological Guide through the Womb Wellness Journey’ teaches stargazers how to decode their birth charts and go deep within as they ascend.


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